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Mipacko is a pioneer in the microfiber production industry in Indonesia, producing high-quality products to meet various everyday cleanliness needs. We specialize in manufacturing user-friendly and ergonomic products that deliver optimal results without the need for chemical substances.

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Who We Are ?

Since its establishment, Mipacko Farrela has specialized in the exclusive production of microfiber products. We hold the role of being the true pioneer in the microfiber industry in Indonesia. In our pursuit of maintaining superior quality, we have formed strategic partnerships with a Korean company operating in Indonesia since 1973, which possesses expertise in the textile industry.

Our products are made from high-quality AAA Grade raw materials produced using the latest technology originating from Korea. We have also obtained certifications such as OEKO-TEX (an international textile certification that undergoes testing and guarantees the absence of harmful substances), ISO 9001 (a quality management system standard), as well as SNI (Indonesian National Standard).

Although the microfiber product market is rapidly growing worldwide, its market share remains relatively low compared to cotton-based products, especially in Indonesia. Exploring this market requires more attention and investment, such as local market research, promotional costs, and market entry expenses.

However, over time, the market will inevitably become mutually beneficial, and end-users will realize and experience the long-term benefits of paying slightly more for using microfiber fabric compared to the commonly used cotton fabric in households, restaurants, hotels, and more. The benefits provided by microfiber products far outweigh the costs. We are committed to communicating these benefits to those seeking a cleaner and healthier environment.

What We Do ?

We specialize in producing a wide range of household products made from microfiber. In the manufacturing of our products, we ensure that the quality is on par with microfiber products originating from Korea, as we utilize the same raw materials and technology from Korea. Consequently, we deliver superior quality end-products.

We employ high-quality microfiber yarn (AAA Grade) in our production process. Additionally, we pay meticulous attention to detail in the design of our final products and develop various product variations to cater to user needs. This approach aims to consistently provide the best benefits to our customers.

Microfiber products offer significant advantages in maintaining user health. Microfiber fabric does not incorporate chemical substances, thereby reducing the risks of health disorders such as allergies and other health-related issues associated with the use of chemicals. Thus, our products not only deliver excellent quality but also safeguard user health by prioritizing the use of safe and environmentally friendly materials.


Why Choose Us ?

Microfiber Mipacko demonstrates a high level of effectiveness and efficiency, as it is capable of quick cleaning and drying without requiring excessive effort. This advantage is attained through the utilization of high-quality microfiber technology that we employ. Additionally, with the use of premium microfiber products, the need for cleaning chemical substances can be significantly reduced.

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