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Mipacko is the first specialist microfiber manufacturer in Indonesia that produces high quality microfiber products for various daily hygiene needs.

We create user friendly and ergonomic products that deliver perfect results entirely chemical free.

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We produce a wide range of needs with the best quality and price for Personal Cleaning Care (Microfiber Towels, Microfiber Bathrobes, etc), Home & Equipment Cleaning Care (Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Microfiber Mop, etc), Baby Stuff (Microfiber Cloth Diapers, Blanket, etc), and many more.

Who We Are ?

PT Mipacko Farrela is the company specialized in manufacturing only microfiber related products since foundation. We are the real pioneer in Microfiber industry in Indonesia, building up strategic partnership to manufacture our own microfiber yarn with Korean factory in Indonesia that has been in textile industry since early seventies ( 1973 ).

Our products are made using high quality microfiber raw materials ( AAA Grade ) which are produced using technology originating from Korea. Our products also have OEKO-TEX certificates (international certificates for the textile sector, which have passed the testing and systems that ensure no use of hazardous substances), ISO 9001 (standard system for quality management), and also SNI (Indonesian National Standard).

The market for microfiber product is growing rapidly worldwide but the market share is still lower than cotton product, more over in Indonesia. It is needed more concern and investment for exploring market, local market research, promotional cost, market entrance cost, etc.

But sooner or later, eventually the market is in mutual and Most End-Users know and perceive it is worth with paying to Microfiber Cloth even little expensive relatively to cotton cloth which widely used by End-Users in Home, Restaurant, Hotel, etc. Microfiber product benefits far outweigh the cost. We commit to inform these benefits to those who needs cleaner and healthier environment.

What We Do ?

We produce various kinds of household products such as towels, cleaning equipment, and others that are made from microfiber. Our products have the same best quality as microfiber products from Korea because we use raw materials and technology from Korea to produce a quality final product.

We use high quality microfiber yarn (Quality AAA), besides that we also design the final product with attention to many details and develop many variations of products according to their needs in order to always provide the best benefits for users.

Microfiber products can help users to protect their health. This is because microfiber cloth does not use chemicals, so that it can reduce health problems such as allergies and other health problems related to the use of chemicals.


Why Choose Us ?

Mipacko microfiber extremely effective and cleaning involves less physical effort than traditional methods as well as replacing the need of cleaning solutions.

High Quality

Environmentally Safe

Cost Effective

Wash And Reuse

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Contact Us

8, Terusan Panyileukan St.,
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

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+62 – 22 – 8782 – 0422
+62 – 822 – 1768 – 0990

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Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Want to custom microfiber products according to your company's needs?
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Want to custom microfiber products according to your company's needs?