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10 Easy Windows Cleaning Tips

10 Easy Windows Cleaning Tips

Windows cleaning is not an easy thing. It’s really hard to get 100% smudge and scratch-free windows at home.

Sometimes even though you’ve spent hours cleaning the glass, the end result is still dirty. Like nothing has changed from its original appearance.

Your windows will be completely clean if you use the right tools and methods. Besides being able to ease the work, you will also save money. We guarantee that everyone who passes by will be amazed because your windows are always shiny like new!

Best Tools and Methods for Windows Cleaning

Instead of using factory-made glass cleaners, you can make your own glass cleaner! You must have all the ingredients at home. Check out how to make it below!

Making Your Own Windows Glass Cleaner

There are two variations of the composition of the ingredients for making your own window cleaning solution. The first way is to mix two cups of water, half a glass of white vinegar, and a quarter cup of 70% alcohol.

Meanwhile, the second ingredient is less in composition. You need one cup of 70% alcohol, one glass of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. Try the combination of solutions that work best for you. Mix all ingredients and just pour into a spray bottle.

Things to Note Before Cleaning Windows

1. Choose a cloudy day

Isn’t it that when exposed to sunlight, the glass will dry quickly, right? Yes, it’s just that the hot sun will dry the glass too quickly. As a result, the cleaning solution that has not been wiped will leave residue and streaks.

If you wait for a cloudier day, the cleaning fluid will remain on the window until you wipe it down. That way, the window you wipe will be clean without stains!

2. Clean glass from dust and dirt

Before starting to clean the window, try to clean the dust from the window using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the dust first is intended so that the windows will not look muddy when exposed to the cleaning solution.

If your windows are really dirty, wash them first using hot water and a soft brush. Dry, then wipe the window using a glass cleaning solution.

3. Use a Microfiber Cloth To Do Windows Cleaning

Similar to cleaning glasses and cell phone screens, microfiber cloths are the best choice for windows cleaning.

Microfiber cloth is highly absorbent, easy to wash, and keeps the glass clean and shiny without friction. You can buy microfiber cloth in the marketplace. Use a microfiber cloth from mipacko which is proven to be the best microfiber

4. Use Glass Cleaning Wipers

Sometimes the first wipe with a cloth won’t remove all the cleaning liquid and dirt on the window. If you wipe the window twice, it is guaranteed that there will be residue left.

Using a window wiper will help make the windows in your home sparkle easily, especially on large windows. You will need a long-handled wiper if you want to clean tall windows.

5. Use Newspaper

Some people really like to clean windows with old newspapers. It’s not wrong, really, because newspapers can clean windows even though the ink sticks to their hands.

On the other hand, newspapers are also easily damaged if they get wet. However, if you don’t have a microfiber cloth and wipers, you can try using newspaper instead. If you’re worried about getting your hands dirty, just wear gloves.

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6. Wear Used T-shirts

T-shirts that are worn out are perfect for cleaning window glass. This is because the cloth doesn’t leave too much residue and absorbs enough water.

Besides that, using used t-shirts is also a good way to save money and of course it is environmentally friendly!

7. Wipe From Top to Bottom

If you really want your windows to be clean without streaks of residual water and cleaning solution, try cleaning them systematically from top to bottom. The cleaning fluid will definitely drip down so you don’t have to spray too much on the underside of the glass.

In addition, if you start working from the top, drops and splashes of water will not contaminate the glass that you cleaned earlier.

8. Clean the Corner of the Window Using a Cotton-bud

No matter how you clean windows, residue will usually collect in the corners of the window pane. Cleaning the residue is quite difficult and you must need the right equipment.

You can use cotton buds because they have the right size and function. You can reach and clean even the smallest notch in the corner of your window.

9. Different Sides, Different Directions

You only need once every few months to start windows cleaning. When you clean it, try wiping it horizontally on the inside and vertical on the outside, for example.

If there are still stains or streaks, it will be easy for you to detect which side needs to be cleaned again.

10. Don’t Get Into Window Frames

Window cleaner can damage the wood frame. Make sure that the glass cleaner doesn’t drip or even seep into the window frames, especially if your window frames are made of wood.

To prevent this, try to cover the wooden frames with a cloth first. Avoid spraying one spot repeatedly so it doesn’t drip down too much. Just spray enough and clean immediately.

Impossible doesn’t mean it can’t. You can certainly clean your windows smoothly just by following the 10 tips above.

Start by making your own window cleaner and use the tool that suits you best.

So when was the last time you cleaned your windows?

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