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13 Ways to Take Care of Canvas Shoes

Take Care Canvas Shoes

Who doesn’t like wearing canvas shoes? Canvas shoes are very comfortable to wear. The canvas shoe model is also more relaxed, allowing it to be worn more often for daily activities, both indoors and outdoors. Shoes with canvas material allow you to move more flexibly when traveling.

Here’s how to care for canvas shoes

Just like shoe models with other materials, canvas shoes also need to be cared for so they don’t get damaged quickly. Well, so that your favorite canvas shoes remain of good quality even though they are often used, you must pay attention to the right way of care. Check out 13 ways to care for canvas shoes to keep them quality.

1. When dirty, don’t wash it immediately

If your canvas shoes are dirty due to mud, rain, and so on, you should not wash them immediately. Washing shoes while they are still dirty actually expands the dirt stains because they are wet. Preferably, dry it first by aerating until the dirt dries. Once dry, pat the shoes until the dirt comes off your canvas shoes. That way it will be easier for you to clean it when washing.

2. Wash with detergent or dish soap

There are two cleaning options for washing your canvas shoes, detergent or dish soap. If the shoes are really dirty, use detergent to make them clean faster. If the shoes are not too dirty, use dish soap because it is considered lighter so it will not make the color of the shoes fade.

Before washing, you should first remove all laces from shoes and brush first using plain water. Once the stain has faded, brush with soap. Use a brush with soft bristles, yes, so that the canvas material is not damaged quickly. When finished washing rinse with warm water to clean.

3. Don’t directly pour soap on the canvas shoes

In order to keep your canvas shoes durable and awake, do not immediately pour soap on the surface of the shoes. Also avoid soap that contains bleach because it can make the original color of your shoes fade quickly.

Start by pouring detergent or dish soap in a bucket. After that, then you can soak the canvas shoes into the bucket containing the detergent soap. Gently brush in a circular motion using a soft cleaning brush.

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4. Do not forget to clean the inside of the shoe.

Dirty inside is prone to causing bacteria that can cause foot odor. Gently brush with a toothbrush into the inside of the shoe. Or, you can also scrub the inside using a thick cloth. Do it gently and slowly so as not to change the shape of the shoe.

5. Rinse with warm water

After soaking, brushing, and thoroughly cleaning the inside of the shoes, you need to remove any soap residue that has stuck to the shoes with warm water. In addition to so that there is no soap residue, this can also make the appearance of canvas shoes much brighter. Rinsing canvas shoes with warm water can open the pores of the shoes while killing germs that are still left in them.

6. Dry naturally

Do not dry or dry your shoes directly in the sun. Just dry it by airing it. You can dry it on an open terrace, but not in direct sunlight. Avoid drying using a hair dryer because it will make the canvas material dry, stiff, and brittle. You can use microfiber cloth to dry it more faster.

7. Avoid drying in the sun

As discussed earlier, don’t dry freshly washed canvas shoes in the sun. This not only makes canvas shoes not durable but also makes the original color of the shoes fade quickly. Don’t you want it, your expensive canvas shoes look worn or worn because you dried your shoes wrong? So, just dry naturally.

8. Give support on the inside

Before storing, provide support on the inside of the shoe. Its function is to keep the shape of the shoe in good shape. Most canvas shoes will limp or the material will collapse if stored for a long time.

You can use newspaper or cardboard for support. Or, you can also buy special shoe supports that are widely sold in the market. One of the important elements, to make shoes last longer.

9. Wash with baking soda

In addition to using detergent, you can also use a baking soda solution as a canvas shoe cleaner. If detergent is used more often to clean the outside, now you can wash canvas shoes with a solution of baking soda.

The inside of the shoe sometimes goes unnoticed but instead it is this area that causes mold or odor on the shoe. Well, baking soda will be more effective at removing dirt and foot odor on the inside of the shoe. Don’t forget to rinse it with cold water when cleaning the baking soda.

10. Avoid using the washing machine

With the reason that you want to clean your shoes instantly, you decide to wash your dirty canvas shoes in the washing machine. This is what you need to avoid. Canvas shoes are fragile and easily damaged, so it’s very risky if you want to clean them in the washing machine. If you want to clean stubborn dirt on your shoes, you can trust a shoe laundry or shoe cleaning shop that has more professional tools.

11. Store in a closed place

Store shoes in a closed place when not in use to avoid exposure to dust. Putting shoes on the floor for a long time can cause mold to develop. You can use cloth bags, plastic or mica boxes, or shoe boxes for storage.

Avoid putting shoes in storage when they are still wet, as this can cause mold. Place the shoes in a room that has a normal temperature, not too humid or too hot to keep the shoes durable.

12. Give the shoe freshener

Don’t forget to apply a special shoe deodorizer to the shoe storage box so that the shoes don’t smell even though they haven’t been used for a long time. Avoid using mothballs as a fragrance, because camphor contains chemicals that can damage the canvas of your shoes.

13. Use silica gel to prevent mold from forming in shoes

Instead of using mothballs, you should use silica gel which is stored with canvas shoes in a shoe box. Make sure the condition of the shoes is dry so that the shoe placement box is cleaner and avoids odors. Silica gel serves to minimize the risk of mold and odors so that the canvas material remains durable.

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