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5 Powerful Ways to Clean a Sticky Iron

Clean a Sticky Iron

Clean a Sticky Iron – Ironing is one of the household chores that is done regularly. So forced or not, the presence or desire of housewives to upgrade the iron is always there. Especially now that the technology around irons continues to develop to solve classic ironing problems.

The development of irons since its inception until today continues to be innovated by electronic factories that have taken a focus on the world of clothes hearths. If in the past people had to use banana leaves to withstand the heat and stickiness that might be caused by charcoal irons, now people don’t need to cut down banana trees.

Just imagine if there are more and more laundry services while to overcome the stickiness of the hot iron surface with the clothes cloth, you have to use banana leaves. Surely the laundry business will compete with traditional culinary business providers.

Indeed, the problem of stickiness and scale on the surface of the iron is very annoying when ironing. Burnt stains can remain on the clothes. Instead of looking shiny, the result will be bad after the ironing process is complete. Not to mention the problem of the iron cable that does not flow heat quickly, the cable is easily bent or other technical problems related to the physical iron.

There are various methods that can be applied. From traditional methods to the use of liquid chemicals. Before cleaning the surface of the iron, whatever method you use, don’t forget to unplug the cord from the plug. For more information, please refer to the following explanation :

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Clean a Sticky Iron Using Sandpaper

It sounds too extreme to utilize building items for vital household needs. Take it easy, the sandpaper we will use is the finest sandpaper. Instead of using banana leaves, which are difficult to find in urban areas, it is better to replace them with fine sandpaper.

This method is more suitable for stubborn scale on the surface of the iron. If you feel that you have applied the previous four methods but always failed, you can use this last method. Just like how to sand the furniture, we only need to rub the surface of the iron gently until the stains are clean. Stickiness and scale are confirmed to have faded all. About the non-stick coating? Don’t expect too much. If your iron is already sticky, it means that the non-stick coating has peeled off, either a little or a lot.

Using Vinegar to Clean a Sticky Iron

This method is a bit of a mimicry of descaling in the bathroom. But don’t worry, you won’t be poisoned by cleaning the iron’s sticky crust with vinegar mixed with water. This mixture is then left for a quarter of an hour to dissolve the liquid into the pores of the sponge. This sponge will be used later to sweep away the dirt on the face of the iron. After you have finished applying this vinegar-water mixture, clean the remaining stains with a wet Microfiber cloth.

Clean a Sticky Iron Using Chemical Drugs

The chemical drug in question is not a chemical drug in the form of ironing liquid, but paracetamol. Perhaps mothers don’t know much about the secret function of paracetamol other than fever reduction. The use of this medicine as a sticky crust remover on the iron starts with sprinkling water on the burnt part of the iron.

The watering process must be done while the iron is still warm. After that, paracetamol is rubbed into the surface of the iron. It is up to you to rub in whole form or grind beforehand. If so, let the stains fall off. Then you can use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt that has fallen off.

Clean a Sticky Iron Using Old Newspaper

This is usually used for steam irons. If you feel that your steam iron is getting sticky, look for an expired newspaper. Take a piece and rub the surface of the iron against the newspaper until the stickiness disappears.

However, if the stickiness hasn’t gone away, you may have forgotten to turn off the steam feature on your iron. Just turn off this feature. Then spread the salt onto the newspaper. Then try rubbing the steam iron whose steam feature has been turned off again onto the salted newspaper. Do this last step until the stickiness is gone.

Clean a Sticky Iron Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste is usually used to help dry burns. Although its main function is to clean teeth, it can also clean iron surfaces. The crusty and sticky part of the iron plate can sometimes be compared to teeth. Perhaps these sticky substances are why toothpaste can help clean the iron.

This time the iron must be cold when the toothpaste is rubbed all over the surface plate. Then if it is even and soaks into the stains until the crust falls off, then we are allowed to heat the iron. If your iron has a steam feature, just turn it on to apply steam heating to any fabric for the first five minutes.

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