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5 Ways to Clean Laptop Screen Easily and Safely

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Clean Laptop Screen Easily – Laptops that are often used can also be exposed to dust, one of which is on the screen. If the screen has dirt, it will certainly greatly interfere with you in carrying out activities. However, cleaning the laptop screen incorrectly can also make your laptop damaged. So it is important for you to know how to clean the right laptop screen.

There is a step by step to clean the laptop background, not just cleaning it with a cloth and water. Especially if the dirt on the laptop is difficult to clean. Then you have to know how to clean a good and proper laptop screen. Because by knowing how to clean the laptop screen, it will make it easier for you.

1. Recognize the Type of Laptop Screen

Before you start cleaning your laptop, you must know the type of laptop screen that you can use. There are two types of laptop screens commonly found, namely glass-coated laptop screens and laptop screens without glass coating. Laptop screens with a glass coating are stronger and resistant to moisture from various cleaning products.

Meanwhile, laptop screens without a glass coating will be more easily damaged if exposed to certain cleaning products. For example, laptop devices that have been coated with glass can be cleaned using mild cleaning solutions such as alcohol. You can use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant wipes to clean the screen.

For LCD or LED laptop screens, you can clean the screen using a microfiber cloth or sponge that does not damage the laptop screen coating. Pay attention to the laptop screen so as not to damage the pixels that make up the display and do it slowly.

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2. Turn off the Laptop Before Clean Laptop Screen

Afterwards, make sure you have turned off the laptop and unplug the cable from the power. This is because, water is a good conductor of electricity, so we should not bring electric current closer to water.

In addition, by turning off your laptop, you can clean the computer screen more safely. This is because it will not potentially damage the components of your laptop screen if it is still alive.

3. Use a Dry Cloth First To Clean Laptop Screen

Before cleaning the laptop using a certain liquid, you should clean the laptop using a dry cloth first. This is to remove the dust on the screen, if you feel when the dust disappears, then you can do the next step.

You can use a dry microfiber cloth so that the dust can be lifted properly. Using a microfiber cloth to clean electronic devices is better than using ordinary cotton cloth.

Then, don’t wipe the cloth in a circular and pressing direction. Clean in a downward direction and one swipe, this is so as not to cause damage to your laptop screen.

4. Use Cleaning Solution

Then how to clean the next laptop screen, namely, by cleaning the screen with a cleaning solution. But you need to remember, don’t use Abrasive cleaning solutions. This type of liquid contains bleach, peroxide, or other cleaners containing abrasive substances. Abrasive cleaning fluids will damage your laptop screen.

You can use a special liquid to clean the laptop. Because, laptops must be cleaned with liquid. The stains that are cleaned are the stains that remain on the laptop screen and must be helped with the cleaning fluid. Take a sponge with a soft surface, so that it does not erode and leave marks on the laptop screen.

First you can dip the sponge in the cleaning liquid or water, and squeeze it until the sponge is no longer dripping water. Then, wipe the screen with the sponge carefully without touching the holes in the screen that are related to the system. This is again so that the laptop screen is not easily damaged.

5. Dry with a Microfiber Cloth

And the last way to clean laptop screen is to dry the laptop screen with a microfiber cloth. After cleaning it carefully, dry the damp laptop screen using a dry microfiber cloth.

Wipe the laptop screen gently and do not press the screen surface to avoid errors when turned on. Do the same method when you clean the screen in a dry state, namely wiping downwards.

Microfiber cloth is a type of synthetic cloth made of 80 percent polyester material, and 20 percent polyamide. This type of cloth is recommended for cleaning laptop screens because it has fine fibers so it will not make scratches on your laptop screen.

Those are some ways to clean the laptop screen that you can do properly and precisely.

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