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6 Ways to Take Care of Synthetic Leather Shoes

Take Care of Synthetic Leather Shoes

Take Care of Synthetic Leather Shoes – Shoes are often a fashion item that gets a lot of attention. Various kinds of community activities today cannot be separated from the use of shoes. However, keep in mind that each shoe has its own function, such as for formal, casual, or sports activities. 

Different functions of use, different materials are also used for making shoes. For example, sports shoes generally use Nylon material, sneakers or casual shoes made from canvas, while formal shoes use suede, leather, and synthetic leather. Well, this synthetic leather requires special care to keep it maintained. Here are 6 ways to care for synthetic leather shoes that you can do. 

How to Take Care of Synthetic Leather Shoes

Use the Brush on the Part to be Cleaned

The initial stage of cleaning synthetic shoes is to prepare a cleaning brush. To clean these synthetic leather shoes, you can use a soft brush that is moistened first to brush the outside so that the surface of the shoe is not scratched. Brush the surface of the shoe in one direction and focus on the sewing threads so that the dust that slips between the threads is lifted.

Use a brush with a medium nylon roughness to clean the sole and brush evenly on the outside of the shoe sole. Next, on the inner sole, you can use a long-handled soft brush or toothbrush. When cleaning shoes, don’t let the water stay too long as it will affect the moisture of the synthetic leather. Use a microfiber cloth so that the synthetic leather still gets a soft touch.

You can also use a microfiber shoe cleaning cloth to avoid scratching your shoes.

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Avoid Storing in Damp Places

The fatal damage of synthetic leather shoes is the peeling of the outer leather layer. If you experience peeling of the outer layer, it is certain that your favourite shoes will not be able to recover. Peeling that occurs in synthetic leather shoes is usually due to high humidity levels in the shoes. Well, to avoid that happening, store shoes in a cool room, get air circulation, and sufficient lighting.

Don’t Use Detergent to Wash Synthetic Leather Shoes

Using detergent when cleaning will actually damage the shoes and leave white stains when it dries.  Do not clean shoes with water too often. However, if water is needed to clean it, you can use warm water and wipe it dry. Basically, synthetic leather will always look shiny. If you want your shoes to always look clean, polish them with a special gel to keep your favourite leather shoes clean and durable.

Avoid Wearing Shoes When Wet

We usually use synthetic shoes for work. Well, uncertain weather like today often makes us confused, especially when it rains. When wet, shoes are in the most vulnerable state. Synthetic leather will expand slightly and the leather layer will peel off easily.

Don’t force yourself to keep wearing your shoes when they’re wet. In addition to damaging your shoes, your feet will be more susceptible to fungus or water bugs. For that, it’s a good idea to prepare replacement footwear when it rains. In terms of drying shoes, it turns out that synthetic leather shoes should also not be exposed directly to sunlight because it will make the material flexible and easily damaged. Instead, you only need to aerate the shoes to dry.

Use the Right Shoe Polish

Choosing the right shoe polish will be very helpful in choosing shoes. Both women’s shoes and men’s shoes in fact still require proper shining. Therefore, the right polish will make your synthetic leather shoes. It is also one of the ways to ensure that your leather shoes do not peel off prematurely.

Make Sure to Buy in a Trusted Place

This is one of the important things, because nowadays it’s all online. Therefore, when you buy shoes, make sure you buy them in a trusted place.

Those are 6 ways to care for synthetic leather shoes that need attention. Do not let because of ignorance of care, your favourite shoes are easily damaged. Take good care of your shoes so that your appearance is maintained.

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