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7 Useful Towel Types and Accessories Needed When Bathing

Bathing Towels & Accessories

Bath Towel – Taking a bath is something that everyone does. By bathing we hope that all the dirt in the body can be lost and the body becomes clean.

However, there are several factors that can affect the quality of the bath, such as the quality of the water used, the type of soap and shampoo, and the towels used to dry yourself.

Towels used are sometimes a problem in itself. Because if one towel is used for all members of the body, there is the possibility of the transfer of bacteria from one limb to another.

A simple example is when we dry our face using a towel that is used to dry our body. Just imagine when you have used it for sensitive areas of the body, then the towel is used again to dry your face. Must be uncomfortable right? Well, here are some types of towels that you should use to dry your limbs. Let’s check..

1. Body Bath Towel

Microfiber Bath Towels

The first is of course the most common, namely body bath towels. This towel is recommended only for drying the limbs from the neck to the feet. Towels that have good absorption, such as microfiber towels, are highly recommended so that the remaining water in all areas of the body can be lifted perfectly.

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2. Bathrobe

Kimono Tangan Panjang Hoodie Microfiber Mipacko

The second is a bathrobe. This bathrobe can be used after you are done drying yourself with a body towel. However, you can also use it as a body towel itself.

Bathrobe are very comfortable to wear, especially if you use microfiber-based bathrobe because they can absorb the remaining water in your body if you didn’t dry yourself completely before.

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3. Face Towel

Mipacko Microfiber Face Towel

Third is the face towel. We definitely wash our faces with soap when we shower. It’s a good idea to use this special face towel. Because it is not recommended if you use a body towel to dry your face because you are afraid that the bacteria that breed in the body will be carried to your face through the towel.

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4. Hair Turban

Mipacko Microfiber Hair Turban

In addition to cleaning the body and face, hair also needs to be cleaned right?

This hair turban is specifically used for hair so that the hair can dry perfectly. In addition, it is also not good to use a towel for the body for the purpose of drying hair because it will definitely not be comfortable.

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5. Body Scrubber

Body scrubber is an accessory to accompany you when you shower. The function of this body scrubber is to scrub the part of your back that is very difficult to reach by the arm.

This body scrubber is very useful because when cleaning the back, sometimes many parts are not reachable because our arms have limitations to reach them.

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6. Washlap

Microfiber Washlap

Washlap is a multifunctional object and can be used for various parts of the body. Generally, washcloths are used to clean the face area instead of the palms so that the facial area can be cleaned perfectly.

It can also be used to scrub the body when we shower. But keep in mind that it’s not good to use one washcloth to clean the body area and also the face area. Use a different washcloth for both parts.

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7. Microfiber Headband

Mipacko Microfiber Headband

We don’t wash our hair every bath, right? Many of us bathe more than once a day but only wash it once. There are also those who only wash their hair once every 2-3 days.

Now this headband is useful for tying your hair so it doesn’t get hit by water when taking a shower. By using microfiber material, water that is splashed into the hair area will also dry faster because the absorption capacity of microfiber is very high.

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So that’s some equipment that can be used when you take a shower. However, of course all these equipment will be useless if you never take a shower XD

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