7 Ways to Clean Laptop Keyboard Properly

clean laptop keyboard

How to clean laptop keyboard properly turns out to be quite important for you to pay attention to.

Because, if you don’t do how to clean the laptop keyboard properly, it is feared that it will cause unwanted damage.

And, if the damage to the laptop keyboard has occurred, it will make you have to spend quite a bit to fix it.

Although it always looks clean, basically laptop keyboards store a lot of dust. Its small shape and also many inserts can be a nest of dust.

The dust problem may be a trivial matter. However, if the dust is allowed to accumulate, it can become a source of dirt and it is not impossible, it can actually make your laptop hang or short circuit.

The results show that a laptop or computer keyboard is 20 thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Of course this is very dangerous and has the potential to become a source of disease when our fingers touch the keys on the keyboard, then our fingers touch the body parts or the food we eat.

So, how to clean a dirty laptop keyboard properly and safely? Check out the following guide.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

1. Turn Off the Laptop First

turn off laptop

Before starting to clean a dirty laptop keyboard, you must turn off the laptop first so it doesn’t short circuit when pressing the keyboard.

A laptop that is still on will complicate the cleaning process. Cleaning tools can touch the keyboard and accidentally press many keys.

If so, your laptop might experience an error when cleaning.

2. Flip and Shake the Keyboard

The easiest way to clean up any debris stuck between the keyboard keys is to turn your keyboard and/or laptop upside down.

You can shake the keyboard while gently tapping the keyboard so that crumbs fall out of the gaps in the keyboard keys.

How to clean a dirty laptop keyboard is also useful for keeping the machine behind the keyboard from being touched by cleaning tools that penetrate inside.

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3. Use a Soft Brush and an Air Duster

soft brush

The next way to clean a dirty laptop keyboard is to use a brush and an air duster.

Use the brush while the laptop is still held upside down. This is to prevent dust and dirt from being tucked in or pushed back in by the brush if it is not turned over.

If the remaining dirt or dust that is stuck is difficult to clean with a brush or has not been pushed out, you can use an air duster to push the dirt out.

You can also use a manual or canned rubber air duster. Then tilt the laptop and spray the air duster onto the surface of the keyboard to push dust and dirt out of the gaps.

make sure you move the air duster when spraying it so that it doesn’t spray at just one point for a long time.

4. Clean the Keyboard with a Mini Vacuum

mini vacuum

A mini vacuum can be an alternative to cleaning a dirty laptop keyboard. This tool can pull all the dirt and dust that is on the sidelines of the laptop keyboard.

Mini vacuum cleaners for laptop keyboards can be found easily in e-commerce. The prices vary, but the average is around $5.

Using a vacuum cleaner makes all the dirt completely removed and your keyboard is clean again.

5. Using Cotton Buds

cotton buds

If you don’t have a mini vacuum cleaner, you can use cotton buds. How to clean a dirty laptop keyboard with cotton buds is to dip a few cotton buds in alcohol.

Then clean the keyboard slowly, especially on the sidelines of your laptop keyboard.

6. Use a Make-up Brush to Clean the Laptop Keyboard

make-up brush

When the area around the keyboard is clean, it’s time to remove the dust from the sidelines.

There’s no need to buy a keyboard cleaning kit if you’re on a tight budget, because you can clean a laptop keyboard using a make-up brush.

Gently sweep between the keyboards with the laptop still upside down. Do this repeatedly until there is no dust left between the keyboard keys.

7. Use Disinfectant to Clean Laptop

microfiber cloth

The last way to clean a dirty laptop keyboard is to use a disinfectant. After making sure the keyboard is clean from dirt and dust, use a disinfectant to keep the keyboard clean from bacteria or germs caused by use.

Do not spray disinfectant directly on the keyboard or keyboard surface. You can first spray the disinfectant onto microfiber cloth.

After that, just wipe your keyboard with a microfiber cloth that has been sprayed with the disinfectant.

You can also use alcohol disinfecting wipes or alcohol wipes to clean and wipe the keyboard to keep it free of germs and bacteria.

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