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8 Excellent Tips to Clean Bathroom at Home

8 Tips to Clean Bathroom at Home

A clean bathroom is one of the keys to a clean home. In fact, the bathroom is prone to becoming a nesting place for germs and bacteria. For this reason, let’s learn how to clean bathroom thoroughly so that you and your family can avoid illness!

How to Clean Bathroom Properly

For some people, cleaning the bathroom may seem like a hassle.

There are so many parts and objects that must be kept clean, from walls, faucets, toilets, floors, to bathroom glass.

In fact, by diligently cleaning the bathroom, you will actually not spend too much time on each house cleaning session.

The more you do it, the less time it will take to clean.

Just like cleaning other areas of the house and other items, such as cleaning the air conditioner, kitchen, fan, and others, you should also not forget to clean bathroom.

Keeping the bathroom clean also includes implementing Clean and Healthy Living Behavior in yourself and the environment.

1. Cleaning the Toilet

It’s no secret that the toilet is one of the dirtiest places in your home. How could it not be?

According to a study from the Journal of Hospital Infection, when you press the flush button after using the toilet, bacteria are at risk of spreading to other places or objects because they stick to your hands.

Therefore, make sure you keep the toilet clean, both cleaning the toilet seat and the inside of the toilet.

Scrub the toilet with soap, disinfectant, or special toilet cleaner once or twice a week. Also make sure to clear any clogged toilets.

In addition, it is a good idea to close the toilet every time you press the flush button to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the bathroom.

2. Clean Bathroom Walls

When you are taking a shower, without realizing it there is so much water mixed with soap or shampoo that splashes onto the bathroom wall.

Well, this splash of water is what often triggers the onset of scale on the walls. Fortunately, descaling your bathroom walls is not as difficult as you might think.

You can remove light stains by pouring water and wiping it off.

You can also use a brush and soap or a special descaling liquid if the stains are quite persistent.

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3. Wipe down bathroom glass and mirrors

Another way to keep your bathroom clean is to wipe down the glass.

If you are using a shower with a glass divider, pay attention to the areas that are often splashed with water.

This is the part of the splash that often leaves stains. Make sure you wipe this area once a week.

Not only that, you should also pay attention to the mirror in the bathroom. Mirrors are prone to getting dirty, especially if they are placed near the sink and are often exposed to splashes of water.

4. Remove Soap Residue To Clean Bathroom

Are you a bar soap user? Try to pay attention to where you put the bar of soap, usually there are remnants of soap that stick.

If left too long, the soap residue will become crusty and increasingly difficult to clean.

Not only bar soap, remnants of liquid soap can also appear around the bottle cap.

Therefore, don’t delay in cleaning the remaining bar or liquid soap in the bathroom.

5. Remove Rust Stains on Faucets or Showers

The next tip when cleaning the bathroom is to pay attention to the faucet or shower.

Sometimes, you can find rust stains in the area around the faucet or shower. These rust stains not only stick to the faucet, but can also spill over to the wall.

The easiest way to deal with this problem is to use a special rust cleaner.

However, another alternative is to use baking soda. The sodium bicarbonate content in baking soda is considered to reduce rust stains.

6. Clean the Gaps Between Bathroom Floors

While cleaning the bathroom, you should also look at the condition of the gaps between the tiles or floors.

These areas are very small, but they are vulnerable to dirt. If left unchecked, moss or mold can grow in the gaps of the bathroom floor.

Therefore, make sure you brush the bathroom floor thoroughly, especially in the gaps between the tiles.

When brushing, you can use soap, carbolic acid, or other home cleaning products.

7. Clean Bathroom Drains

The next way to clean your bathroom is to pick up any debris in the drains.

You may often see hair loss or other debris in the drains.

Well, if left too long, the dirt will accumulate and the drain will become clogged. As a result, the water in the bathroom floats more easily.

So, don’t let your drains get clogged with debris and hair loss!

After cleaning all parts of the bathroom, make sure you don’t forget to wash your hands properly so that germs and bacteria disappear.

8. Ensure Bathroom Air Circulation is Maintained

Did you know that a place that is too humid is a favorite place for germs and mold to thrive?

Basically, the bathroom is a place that tends to be humid. However, the humidity can be even higher if the bathroom air circulation is not good.

Therefore, make sure that the air comes and goes easily in your bathroom. If you are not using the bathroom, leave the door wide open.

These are 8 tips that you can follow so that the process of cleaning the bathroom.

Clean your bathroom regularly to prevent the breeding of bacteria and germs.

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