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8 Ways to Clean Moss at Home and Tips to Prevent It

How to Clean Moss at Home

Clean Moss at Home – Humid air conditions can actually cause various problems in buildings. One of them is the emergence of moss. Usually moss can appear in various corners of the house, such as walls and other damp areas.

One of the disadvantages of this moss is that the appearance of the house becomes ugly.  In addition, the presence of moss can be dangerous, because the moss is slippery and can cause you to slip. That’s why it’s important to know how to clean moss.

Actually, how to clean the moss in the corners of a damp house is quite easy. One of them with the help of some materials that cause chemical reactions in the moss. By cleaning the moss, it will be more efficient in terms of time and effective results.

How to Clean Moss

1. Use Vinegar

The first way to clean moss is to use vinegar. The acid content in vinegar is also very useful for removing stubborn moss at home. The method is very easy, pour a little cooking vinegar on the floor or wall that is covered with thick moss. Then, gently brush until the moss falls off.

After finishing the threshing process, don’t forget to rinse the floor and walls using clean running water. This is to prevent any residual vinegar that could potentially damage the floor and wall layers.

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2. Using a Salt Solution

Then, you can also use a saline solution to clean the moss at home. The method is also very easy, just by mixing two liters of water with three tablespoons of table salt.

Then simply pour the salt solution into the part of the house that is overgrown with moss, then brush until the moss disappears. The use of this saline solution, in addition to being able to remove moss, also serves to prevent moss from growing back.

3. Take Advantage of Dishwashing Soap

How to clean the next moss using dish soap. Of course, dish soap is very easy to find.

How to apply by dissolving dish soap using a little water. Then use the foam to rub the solution over the moss-covered area. When all the moss is clean, make sure to rinse it so that there is no soap residue.

4. Use a Baking Soda Solution

In addition to several types of materials above, how to clean moss can also use baking soda. Baking soda also has a high acidity level, which is useful for getting rid of stubborn moss.

How to use it is very easy, by making a mixture consisting of water and baking soda. Then, you simply apply the mixture on mossy areas such as floors and walls. Don’t forget to rub it gently.

However, it is better not to use a baking soda solution if the purpose is to clean granite, ceramic, and wood materials. Because, it can risk causing porous until peeled off.

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5. Chalk Solution

In addition to taking advantage of the acid content such as vinegar and baking soda, using the alkaline content in chalk is also effective at eradicating moss. You can make a solution of water mixed with chalk to get rid of stubborn moss.

Then, flush the mossy part using chalk water. After that, wait overnight before brushing. After watering, the moss will become softer and easier to remove from the wall or floor.

6. Chlorines

Besides being useful for purifying water, the use of chlorine also serves to remove moss. The only way is to prepare a few grains of chlorine tablets, then grind them into powder. Then, simply sprinkle the chlorine powder on a mossy wall or floor surface, then let it sit for an hour.

After an hour, the moss will usually be easier to brush off and remove. Then do not forget to rinse the walls or floors that are clean so they are not slippery.

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7. Using Bleach

Apparently, a product in the form of bleaching clothes can also be used to eradicate stubborn moss at home. The application method is also very easy, mix clean water and clothes bleach in a 4:1 ratio

Then, you can simply sprinkle the mixture all over the mossy part of the house, of course while brushing. The presence of harsh chemicals in clothes whitening products is useful for preventing moss from reappearing.

8. Battery Water

Actually, this method of cleaning moss can be an alternative if all of the above ingredients are not available. How to use it just by pouring the battery water on the mossy part of the house, then wait a few hours then brush it clean.

Try not to leave any remaining battery water on the floor or wall area. Because these chemicals have corrosive properties or are susceptible to rust and porous.

Tips for Preventing Moss at Home

Dispose of Furniture that Gets Wet Easily

Usually, moss will be very easy to appear in damp areas. The problem is, if there are some furniture that may be made of materials that easily absorb moisture and water. It could be, the item eventually gets wet and causes high humidity to form moss in the surrounding area, such as walls.

Routinely Open Windows and Doors of the House

This method is important, because by opening windows and doors, air circulation will be better and moist air can come out. To maximize the process of changing the air, you can use the help of a fan.

Coat the Walls with Anti-moss Paint

Usually, the wall is the easiest location for moss to arise. Currently on the market there are many special paints for walls that can prevent moss from forming. By coating the walls with the paint, of course it will be very helpful so that the moss does not grow back.

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