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9 Simple Easy Ways to Clean Bathroom Crusts

clean bathroom crust

Clean Bathroom Crusts – Besides the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the rooms where we spend a lot of time. In addition to cleaning yourself, many ideas come when you are in the bathroom.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the bathroom clean from moss and other dirt. Unfortunately, one of the toughest enemies to get rid of is crust. Crust is a hard, dry layer that adheres to other surfaces such as faucets and bathroom mirrors. Therefore, so that the room always looks clean and beautiful, let’s see this article to find out how to clean bathroom crust. Here are some tips you can learn:

Where Does the Crust Come From?

Crust or stains in the bathroom usually come from soap residue, mildew, dirt, or moss that has been stuck for too long. The pile of dirt will usually leave white spots on the glass or yellowish-brown on the bathroom floor.

Well, crust that is rarely cleaned will usually be very difficult to remove. As a result the bathroom looks dirty, unsightly, and the floor is more slippery. Do not ignore it, it can increase the risk of you and your family slipping.

How to Clean Bathroom Crust

The number of soap residue stains that stick to various surfaces of the bathroom makes it look dirty and messy. If it is rarely cleaned, the bathroom will become a breeding ground for disease and the floor will be covered with moss which makes it slippery.

Let’s bring back the shine of your bathroom in the following ways:

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1. Use Lime To Clean Bathroom Crust

For those of you who apply Scandinavian-style interior design, crust stains in the bathroom make it look dirty and reduce its aesthetics. But now you don’t need to be confused anymore, just use natural ingredients such as lime as a way to clean bathroom crust. To use it, take a few limes and squeeze the juice and pour it on the part with the stain you want to remove.

Leave it for a while then scrub with a brush until the stain is lifted and rinse with water. For maximum results, you can mix lime solution with alum to clean stubborn crust.

2. Clean Bathroom Crust With Vinegar Mix


Vinegar is one of the most commonly used ingredients for clean bathroom crust. For those of you who want to try it, the method is very easy. First make a solution by mixing one cup of vinegar and water each into a spray bottle.

After the two ingredients are mixed, try spraying on a microfiber cloth and then wiping the bathroom glass that has scale or mildew stains. Wait for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water then pat dry. Remember, do not spray directly on the mirror because the remaining liquid that drips can collect in the corner of the mirror and leave a new stain.

Meanwhile, to clean the crust on the shower head, put a mixture of vinegar and water in a plastic bag and tie it in the shower. Leave it for 1-2 hours and start descaling the area with a small cloth or brush.

3. Remove Scale with Toothpaste

Not only helps clean teeth from food residue, toothpaste can be another alternative to remove stains in the bathroom. The cleaning ingredients in toothpaste are known to react to mold and stains.

It is also very easy to clean bathroom crusts with toothpaste. Take an unused toothbrush, give it some toothpaste and then apply it on a mirror or other crusty surface. To evenly rub the toothpaste until it covers all the desired parts.

Wait for the toothpaste to dry and rinse with a brush, cloth, or newspaper while scrubbing again. This process will remove the stains that stick and your bathroom now looks more shiny.

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4. Clean it with Citric Acid

Citric acid or citron is widely used in cooking such as making jam. But who would have thought you could use this material to make the bathroom shiny again. To apply, first scrub the area you want to clean with a pumice stone and soapy water. Then rinse thoroughly from soap/detergent.

While the surface of the object is still wet, immediately sprinkle citric acid and smooth. Leave it for about 1 hour for the citron to work optimally. Then scrub again with a brush and rinse with water. To achieve the desired result repeat the process 2-3 times because the citron content is not as strong as vinegar and chlorine. Also, never mix citron with bleach because it can produce toxic chlorine gas.

5. Clean Bathroom Crust Using Baking Soda

baking soda

Apart from vinegar, baking soda is also one of the popular ingredients used to clean bathroom crusts. In the kitchen, baking soda is often used when removing black stains on pans. Now, for the bathroom, the efficacy of baking soda is also not in doubt.

As a way to clean the bathroom descaling, sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the floor or a dirty faucet. Do not rub right away, you should let it sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. If it looks like the baking soda has worked, scrub it with a brush and finally rinse it clean of scale.

6. Rub with Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is known to clean the surface of dirty skin. But not only good for the body, pumice stone can be used to help remove scale stains in the bathroom. Before trying it, prepare a pumice stone and a solution of water that has been mixed with stain-cleaning soap.

Start dipping the pumice stone in the soapy water and scrubbing the surface of the bathroom floor that is crusty. The rough texture of the stone will help to lift the stubborn stains. For a cleaner, use a small brush for hard-to-reach corners. Once it is clean, flush with water until the surface is no longer slippery.

7. Alcohol

During the scarcity of hand sanitizers, many people make their own alcohol-based hand sanitizer. If you still have some left over, try using 70% alcohol as a way to descale the bathroom.

Prepare alcohol and a washcloth and pour enough to clean the stained area. After that, rub the remnants of soap and mildew on the glass, the edge of the sink, and the shower faucet that has accumulated. The harsh nature of alcohol can definitely help your bathroom look clean again.

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8. Chlorine for Stubborn Crust

Many people know chlorine as a disinfectant or an ingredient to clean water in swimming pools. But you know, one of the most effective ways to clean bathroom crust is with chlorine.

To get chlorine, you can buy it at online shops or stores that sell swimming pool equipment. Meanwhile, to clean the crust, first prepare hot water to flush the floor and tiles. Sprinkle chlorine on the desired part and leave it on for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Keep in mind, when cleaning the bathroom with chlorine, you should use a mask and gloves. Excessive contact with water with chlorine can cause red rashes and skin infections.

9. Use a Special Decal Cleaner

The last way to clean bathroom crust that you can try is to use a special descaling cleaner. Currently, there are lots of special descaling cleaners sold in powder or liquid form. Usually how to use it is easy depending on the type. However, always pay attention to your safety by wearing a mask and gloves when using bathroom cleaners.

Tips for Preventing Crust

The materials described above have now made your bathroom clean again. So that crust and mold don’t come back to contaminate the bathroom, here are some tips that can be applied:

  • Clean the bathroom at least once a week
  • Make sure the bathroom has sufficient ventilation to prevent moisture and mold growth
  • Leave the bathroom door open after use so that the remaining water dries quickly
  • Provide a special cloth to wipe the mirror, shower, faucet, and the edge of the sink after use so as not to cause residual soap stains.
  • Place moisture absorbers in several corners of the bathroom

In addition to pleasing to the eye, a clean and well-maintained bathroom will reduce the risk of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Hopefully, the bathroom descaling method above can help you and don’t forget to always use the right equipment when dealing with cleaning chemicals.

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