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Smart Ways to Treat Your Beauty With Natural Materials

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Treat Your Beauty – Many people, especially women, are looking for a quick way to do a beauty treatment in order to produce an attractive and pleasant appearance. However, many are disappointed with the results because the materials obtained are derived from chemicals made by humans today.

You need to know that using chemical drugs is indeed able to produce fast efficacy, but from research and evidence by many people. It turns out that side effects in the future by its users create a new problem for their health.

Therefore, some smart tips for those of you who want to look beautiful but the materials used are from nature plus microfiber towels for maximum cleanliness. Here’s the presentation:

Treat Your Beauty with Olive Oil and VCO

Olive oil is an oil that comes from olives that are squeezed and fermented, as well as VCO aka virgin coconut oil. Both of these oils have the same advantage that is able to neutralize the level of cholesterol and sugar in your blood.

Then for beauty treatments, this oil has been proven to be able to make your skin fresher, healthier, and avoid all kinds of side effects that come from harmful chemical cosmetics.

The method is very easy, one tablespoon is consumed every day, precisely in the morning before doing all activities. Second, by gently massaging the entire body so that the skin that is often washed by the oil will become more moist, healthy, and easy to regenerate cells properly.

Olive oil and VCO oil is a science that has been passed down from generation to generation and proven from various history, has made many queens of a kingdom get eternal beauty. From the results of the study, VCO oil has other advantages over olive oil.

This is because the climate in Indonesia affects the human body in Indonesia itself, therefore VCO oil is more likely to be useful for Indonesians because the fermented coconut milk automatically adjusts to the state of the human body itself.

Using Honey Bath or Goat’s and Cow’s Milk

The second smart way for those of you who want to look beautiful and healthy from natural ingredients is to take a honey bath. Honey is an ingredient that comes from bees and is proven to have amazing abilities for the benefit of mankind.

Apart from honey, you can use goat’s milk or cow’s milk instead of a honey bath.

The trick is to prepare goat or cow milk and then soak the body for 1 hour to 2 hours. This is very influential for the health of your body, increasing the pigment of your skin so that it becomes fresher, moister, whiter, and healthier.

From the results of research by experts, it turns out that you often bathe in goat’s milk or cow’s milk. Your skin automatically produces a good resistance to avoid various health problems, namely skin cancer.

However, when compared to the good nutrition of goat’s milk or cow’s milk, goat’s milk has far better nutrition than cow’s milk. This has been tested in developed countries such as Europe, because the average goat’s milk is still pure and does not take vitamin supplements so that it can produce a lot of milk.


Eating Fruits

The third is to consume fruit often, especially if the fruit is protected from pesticides. This actually affects the quality of the fruit for its nutrition.

Another advantage with frequent consumption of fruits is that you will feel the health of optimal organ function and slowly increase your brain intelligence.

Using a Microfiber Cloth to Clean Your Body When You’re Finishing Your Beauty Treatment

The last tip is to use a microfiber cloth to help you clean and absorb water optimally when you are done with your beauty treatments.

For example, when you finish bathing in honey, bathing in goat’s milk, or bathing in cow’s milk, then rinse with water. So try to use a microfiber-based towel product, because it will be able to absorb water effectively and maximally on your body.

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