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7 Easy Steps to Clean Your Washing Machine at Home

Clean your Washing Machine

Clean Your Washing Machine – If you already have a washing machine at home, you must learn how to care for and clean it.

Washing machines that are not kept clean are more prone to damage so they can’t clean your clothes optimally.

As a result, you have to waste energy and excess expenditure just because the washing machine is poorly maintained.

For this reason, you need to regularly clean your washing machine as part of maintaining personal hygiene and practicing PHBS (Clean and Healthy Living Behavior).

Well, see how to clean your washing machine below applies to you with top and front opening washing machines.

1. Clean the remaining detergent in the washing machine

The first step you can start by making sure the remaining detergent in the washing machine has been cleaned properly.

Usually, the remaining detergent is still attached to the tub of the washing machine. If left alone, this detergent residue can cause scale stains, mold, and rust.

Remember, the cleaning products you use also have an effect on how much residue sticks to the washing machine.

It’s a good idea not to pour fabric softener into the washing machine.

It is recommended that you always use a washing machine specific detergent to prevent residue build-up.

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2. Make sure the tube is clean

The next way is to clean the tub of your washing machine.

If there are still stains on the inside of the drum, you can use a special washing machine cleaning liquid.

Alternatively, you can use household materials to clean the jar, such as a vinegar solution or lemon juice.

For best results, add 1 cup of baking soda.

Mixing baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice can reduce the growth of bacteria, making it ideal as a washing machine.

You can do the above method to clean 1 and 2 tube washing machines.

3. Clean Your washing machine filter

After the tub is clean, the next step is to clean the filter.

Filter alias filter is one of the most important parts in a washing machine that must be cleaned regularly.

In fact, this filter should always be cleaned every time you finish washing clothes.

The reason is, the washing machine filter that is clogged with clothing fibers is prone to triggering a fire.

According to the website of the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 1 in 22 homes experienced a fire due to a washing machine in 2006-2010.

Apart from being dangerous for your safety, a clogged filter also causes the washing process to take longer.

You can clean the filter by removing the filter, then cleaning it from the accumulated lint.

After that, brush the filter with running water slowly. Before reinstalling, make sure the washer filter is completely dry.

4. Don’t miss the detergent drawer

After cleaning the washing machine filter, you can switch to the detergent drawer if you have this part in your washing machine.

You can usually clean the detergent drawer by removing it from the washing machine. Once removed, soak the detergent drawer in warm water or clean with a brush.

Dry the drawers completely before you return them to the washing machine.

5. Clean Your washing machine cover door

The door of the washing machine is also the part of the washing machine that gets dirty the most easily.

The reason is, the rubber cover that prevents water from leaving the washing machine can actually become a nest for the buildup of residual detergent and dirt.

If left unchecked, detergent residue and dirt on the door rubber can trigger the growth of bacteria in the washing machine.

Every time you start and finish washing clothes, use a damp cloth to clean your washing machine door.

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6. Wipe the outside of the washing machine

Cleaning the washing machine must be done properly until thoroughly. This means, you can’t miss the outside of the washing machine either.

Once the inside of the washing machine is clean, it’s time to wipe the outside with a microfiber cloth.

You can also use a vinegar and baking soda solution to wipe the outside of the washing machine.

7. Leave the washing machine door open

If you’re not using the washing machine, it’s a good idea to leave the washing machine door slightly ajar.

This is important to maintain air circulation in the washing machine tub.

If air can’t get in and out properly, it’s easier for germs and mold to multiply in the washing machine.

In addition to preventing germs, this method also helps keep the house clean by reducing unpleasant odors in the washing machine area.

Those are some simple ways to clean your washing machine, easy to do, right?

So that the washing machine is always kept clean, try to do this cleaning every 1 month, OK!

Don’t forget, make sure you always wash your hands after cleaning all household appliances, including the washing machine.

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