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Cleaning the Aquarium With the Following 6 Easy Steps

Cleaning the Aquarium

Cleaning the aquarium is something that needs to be done regularly. A dirty aquarium can cause death for the ornamental fish that live in it.

Dirt in the aquarium such as moss, crust, and fish debris that settles can make the aquarium water cloudy and reduce oxygen levels in the aquarium water.

With this lack of oxygen levels, the fish will find it difficult to breathe and increase the possibility of death for the fish.

In addition, a dirty aquarium is certainly not pleasing to the eye. The view of a beautiful aquarium with fish swimming in it will be covered in dirt which is very disturbing.

How to Cleaning the Aquarium

There are several steps in cleaning the aquarium that you need to do. What are the stages? Let’s see.

1. Remove the Decorations from the Aquarium

Aquarium not only contains ornamental fish, but almost all aquariums have decorations to beautify it. Aquarium decorations usually include gravel, plants, and various other displays.

Take out your ornamental fish first and transfer them to a container so that we can clean the aquarium more easily. After that you just take out the decorations in the aquarium, transfer them to the container, and clean them thoroughly.

Clean all the decorations until the dirt and moss that sticks out of the aquarium decorations.

2. Cleaning the Aquarium Glass

The aquarium glass is the next thing you need to clean. To clean the aquarium glass, you can use a special cleaner that uses a magnet. This tool is very helpful in cleaning the aquarium glass from the outside.

You can easily buy this tool in the market, or you can also buy it online in various available marketplaces.

3. Cleaning the Aquarium Base

After finishing cleaning the glass, there will be dirt that is released and goes down to the bottom of the aquarium. In addition to dirt from the glass, the bottom of the aquarium is also a gathering place for fish waste.

While the water in the aquarium is still there, wait a while for all the dirt in the water to fall to the bottom and settle. After that, you can use a suction hose to suck dirt and water from the bottom of the aquarium to the outside.

Do this process until the dirt and dirty water in the aquarium run out.

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4. Descaling Aquarium Glass

After the water in the aquarium runs out and the aquarium becomes dry, maybe you will see stubborn dirt in your aquarium glass. The dirt is glass crust.

Glass crust if left can enlarge and really spoil the view of the aquarium, therefore you need to clean it so that your aquarium looks perfect.

To clean this glass crust, you can use a special aquarium cleaner. Aquarium cleaning fluid has been formulated in such a way that it can be used as a more secure way to clean aquarium glass.

The method is very easy, that is, just by spraying the special liquid onto the opaque surface of the aquarium. Wait a few minutes, and you will see the scale and dirt coming off. This cleaning fluid can also be used to clean glass that feels less shiny.

In addition to using a special glass cleaner, you can also use toothpaste as an alternative. The only way is to apply toothpaste to the surface of the glass that is opaque or crusty and leave it for 15 -30 minutes. After that, rinse the area with warm water. Don’t forget to wipe the glass surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

5. Change Aquarium Water

After all the previous processes have been completed, the last thing is to change the water in the aquarium.

Before entering water, you must enter all your aquarium decorations first. Arrange the decorations according to your wishes.

After that, you enter the new water into the aquarium slowly using a water hose. Fill the aquarium with water to a sufficient height in your aquarium.

Actually you don’t need to change the water too much because changing the water can stress the fish because of the sudden difference in water.

If your aquarium is regularly cleaned about once a month, then you only need to replace about 15% of the tank’s water capacity. However, if you last cleaned it for more than 2 months, then you need to replace up to 50% of the water capacity.

6. Clean Aquarium Filter

Cleaning the aquarium filter is also important. The aquarium filter functions as a filter for dirt in the aquarium, if your aquarium has a lot of dirt, the filter will fill up quickly and will not function properly.

Clean the filter regularly, and also replace the filter at least once a month.

Well, those are some steps in cleaning the aquarium. A clean aquarium will make the scenery more beautiful, and keep the fish healthy.

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