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How to Clean a Diamond Ring

how to clean a diamond ring

Clean a Diamond Ring – Caring for a diamond ring to keep it shining is easy and can be done by using some materials and equipment at home. Here are two methods clean a diamond ring or a gem that are safe and correct and that you can implement at home.

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

1. Using Soapy Water to Clean a Diamond Ring

  • First, make a mixture of water and soap. Put a small amount of dish soap into a container or bowl, then fill it with warm water. Then stir to make a little foam.
  • Place the rings in a bowl of soapy water for about 15 minutes. Allow the soapy water to soak into your ring. This will allow dirt and dust on the ring to penetrate and loosen.
  • After 15 minutes take the ring and check, if there is still dirt left then you should clean it. Otherwise, you can simply rinse your diamond ring clean.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush away any remaining dirt on the ring. Do not use a toothbrush with medium or hard bristles, so that you don’t scratch your ring. Rub lightly, and clean to the deepest crevices that are difficult to reach.
  • If it feels clean, rinse it with cold water.
  • Finally, dry and place the ring on a clean cloth or tissue and then allow it to air dry.

2. Using Quick Dip Cleaning Solution

  • Use a quick dip cleaning product. This solution is commercially available and is specially made to clean silver, gold and other metal jewelry quickly. So make sure you choose a cleaning solution that is specified for cleaning a gem or diamond ring like yours.
  • Read the solution package label carefully. It is very important to follow all the detailed instructions for using a quick dip. So that no mistakes will damage the ring. Make sure that you are clear and understand the instructions for use before continuing.
  • Pour a few drops of the cleaning solution into the container. Then insert the ring into the container for the recommended time, and do not exceed the time. When it’s time to take the ring and let it dry on a microfiber cloth.

Both methods of cleaning diamond rings are very easy to apply. Moreover, the materials are easy to obtain and most of the equipment is available at home.

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