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How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

How to Clean a Dog's Ears

Clean a Dog’s Ears – As a pet owner, keeping your dog’s ears clean is an important part of his care. However, cleaning a dog’s ears can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time caring for a dog. Some dogs naturally have clean, healthy ears and may hardly ever need to have their ears cleaned. While other dogs need to have their ears cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt that can lead to ear infections.

Some breeds with long hanging ears, such as Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, are examples of breeds that are at the highest risk of developing ear infections. However, all types of dogs are still at risk of ear infections when their ear health is not maintained. Here are tips for caring for dog ear health that you need to know.

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Tips for Clean a Dog’s Ears

Checking the health of your dog’s ears is something you need to do regularly. Your beloved dog may enjoy having his ears rubbed when he is healthy, but if he suddenly pulls away, it could be an earache. Therefore, you should start learning to assess his condition by gently massaging his ears. Here are other tips for caring for dog ears:

1. Check Ear Conditions Regularly

Check your dog’s ears regularly after bathing. Call your vet if you suspect your pet has an ear infection. If you need to ask about this, you can directly contact the veterinarian through available online media.

In addition to preventing infection, regular ear exams aim to identify other problems, such as ear mites and prevent them from getting worse.

2. Choose a Veterinarian Approved Cleaner

Avoid cleaning the dog’s ears with liquid carelessly. A vet-approved ear cleaning solution is the safest choice. Most veterinary clinics generally provide ear cleaners for dogs. Don’t be fooled by the ads that often appear on social media, because some ear cleaning solutions contain harmful ingredients, so they can irritate your dog’s ears or don’t remove dirt effectively. Also avoid cleaning the ears too often because it can cause irritation.

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3. Clean a Dog’s Ears in the Proper Way

Cleaning dog ears should not be done carelessly. Cleaning his ears in a careless way can actually harm the dog and risk causing infection. Here are some dog ear cleaning tricks that you need to know:

  • Clean a dog’s ears when he’s calm. This will help make the cleaning process easier.
  • Use his favorite treat or toy to get your dog’s attention and calm him down.
  • Use a vet-recommended ear cleaning solution to fill your dog’s ear canal.
  • Gently massage the base of the ear for about 30 seconds. You may hear a hissing sound as the product removes dirt.
  • Don’t let the tip of the applicator touch your dog’s ear, as this can transmit bacteria.
  • Let the dog shake its head. Well, this is where you can use a towel to protect yourself from spraying dirt and wipe your face.
  • Take a cotton ball or gauze and gently wipe the ear canal. Avoid wiping deeper, you can wipe no deeper than one knuckle deep.
  • If your dog seems to be in pain during the cleaning process, stop and talk to your vet.

4. Avoid Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean a Dog’s Ears

Avoid using hydrogen peroxide to clean your dog’s ears. These common household products can actually cause irritation to healthy skin cells. The ear contains very sensitive tissue and prolonged use of hydrogen peroxide can cause ear damage. Use only vet-approved cleaners.

Those are some tips for caring for dog health that you must know. Dog owners generally tend to pay attention to the health of their dog’s fur, especially if the dog being kept is a purebred dog. In fact, all parts of the dog’s body you must pay attention to its health, including the health of its ears.

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