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4 Simple Way to Clean a Dull Leather Wallet

How to clean a Dull Leather Wallet

How to clean a dull leather wallet can be done with a few proper steps. Of course you have to provide proper care to keep it durable.

Moreover, it can be said that the leather is a quality material. Wallets are one of the additional accessories that function quite important.

For its main function, the wallet is used as a place to store credit cards, identity cards and money. So that its existence always accompanies its owner wherever he goes.

That’s why everyone chooses a wallet with quality materials such as leather. However, prolonged use sometimes leather wallets look dull.

When your wallet goes through this, don’t worry. Because there are many ways to clean a dull leather wallet. You just have to follow the steps exactly and the leather wallet will look shiny like new.

If your wallet is not maintained regularly, it will certainly make it easy to damage. So even though the price is expensive, but if you don’t give it regular maintenance, it will decrease the quality. Even the wallet will be easily damaged.

How to Clean a Dull Leather Wallet in Easy Steps

The current fashion trend is experiencing a fairly rapid development. That’s why it’s not only fashion or make-up that is in the spotlight.

Precisely accessories that complete the appearance into the spotlight. One that is quite popular and in great demand is the wallet. Actually from the past until now the wallet has the same function.

Where to store money and various important cards. But now the wallet has become a fashion item that is quite in demand. The demand for this one accessory is increasing.

This makes the product also continues to grow. Even the material for its manufacture is quite diverse. However, the most popular is leather.

Of course, there are many advantages that you can get. just make sure you are smart in taking care of it. As for how to clean a dull, shiny wallet like new.

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1. Use Water

The first way to clean a dull leather wallet is using water. This method is easiest for you to apply when your wallet is dull.

Even water is also able to clean dirt, light stains such as dust, fingerprints, scuffs and powder. You can use water with a cotton swab or cotton swab.

But when you choose to use a tissue, you should do it by pressing it slowly. Don’t wipe it, because the wet tissue will stick to the wallet.

2. Detergent

Maybe there are still many people who don’t know that using detergent can actually be one way to clean a dull leather wallet.

This method is quite easy by dissolving cloth detergent and raging on the entire surface of the wallet. Wipe the wallet as a whole slowly.

You can even use special soaps that contain oils and waxes. With the ingredients present in the soap, it is able to maintain the luster of the leather wallet.

3. Microfiber

You know microfiber cloth? If not, this one fabric is a special item for leather wallet care. So if you have a genuine leather wallet, you should also have a microfiber cloth.

The reason why this cloth is suitable for treating genuine leather. This is because the fabric has a special fiber for leather.

You can use a microfiber cloth as a way to clean a dull leather wallet. The method is quite easy, you just rub it regularly and slowly.

Although it doesn’t have to be every day, you can also do it about once a week.

4. Alcohol

There are many things that you might take for granted. But actually there are many ways you can use including alcohol.

You can use alcohol to make your wallet look more shiny. Just like cleaning a leather wallet in general. You can simply use alcohol with a cotton swab or cotton bud.

The leather wallet is of good quality. Even the way to care for it is also quite easy. There are even special tools that can help maintain the wallet.

For those of you who want to have a leather wallet, you should also find out the right care. It’s better to use the method of cleaning a dull leather wallet so that it looks shiny like new

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