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4 Easy Tips to Clean a Refrigerator

clean a refrigerator

How often do you Clean a refrigerator ? In addition to making the refrigerator more durable, cleaning the refrigerator regularly also keeps food clean and free from germs. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are reluctant or put off this important activity because they do not know how to properly Clean a Refrigerator or refrigerator.

So, want to keep your refrigerator clean and well-maintained? Pay attention to the steps to Clean a Refrigerator in this review, let’s go!

How to Clean a Refrigerator to Keep It Hygienic

Cleaning the refrigerator is an important part of a clean and well-maintained home. With a house that is kept clean, you are also indirectly trying to keep yourself clean.

You may feel nervous when you see a fridge full of food and want to clean it up. However, because there are so many, you are confused about where to start.

Now, don’t delay your plans to maintain and maintain daily food stock storage. Immediately practice the following ways to Clean a Refrigerator properly:

1. Clean up leftover food stock before adding new ones

Most people do not understand how to Clean a Refrigerator because they are confused by the amount of food in it.

The key, you should Clean a Refrigerator first before you shop for food stock for the next few days or weeks.

If you immediately buy new food stock, you will definitely be confused about how to Clean a Refrigerator after shopping because there are various food supplies stored.

However, it’s a different story if the refrigerator is tidy before the new food stock arrives.

Of course, there is only a small amount of food left, making it easier for you to sort out which foods and drinks can still be consumed and which have expired.

Indirectly, this method will keep the refrigerator clean and tidy because it is routinely cleaned before the shopping schedule comes.

The more often the refrigerator is cleaned, the lighter your load will be when cleaning.

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2. Clean gradually

In order not to be confused, you can divide which parts of the refrigerator you want to clean first.

Here is one way to divide the parts when cleaning the refrigerator that you can follow:

– Start from the outside first

Before dealing with the inside of the refrigerator, which incidentally is the core part where food and beverage stock is stored, you should first clean the outside.

Don’t forget to unplug the plug before you start cleaning the fridge.

Next, wipe the entire outside of the refrigerator, starting from the front, top, to the back area where a lot of dust and dirt is often stored.

Avoid using a microfiber wet cloth on parts of the refrigerator where there are a lot of electrical wires.

– Take out all the contents in the refrigerator

After cleaning the outside of the refrigerator, proceed with cleaning the inside by emptying food and drinks first.

Launching from the CDC website, food that must be cold should not be at room temperature for more than 2 hours. That means, make sure you have to finish cleaning the fridge in less than 2 hours.

Here it is your job to check the expiration date of each food and beverage product.

Sort out which products are still fit for consumption and which ones should be discarded.

– Remove the refrigerator shelves and drawers

If the refrigerator is empty and free of any products, then you can remove the shelves and drawers from the refrigerator to make washing easier.

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3. Clean the entire inside of the refrigerator

Now, it’s time for you to really clean the inside of the refrigerator.

Spray the cleaning liquid all over the inside of the refrigerator, then gently wipe until all stains and dirt are gone. Likewise with the drawers and shelves that have been issued previously.

Wash all drawers and shelves with soap as if you were washing dishes, then rinse thoroughly.

Make sure there is no more dirt and soap left. Allow the shelves and drawers to dry before you put them back in the refrigerator.

4. Rearrange food and drinks according to their place

If you have done all the previous steps, now is the time to rearrange the previously selected food and drinks.

Do not just put it, you should separate food and drinks according to their type.

Take, for example, storing raw meat in the freezer to keep it frozen, vegetables and fruit in the bottom drawer, and bottled drinks on a separate shelf.

Meanwhile, you can store eggs in special containers so they are always fresh and durable. Also save food and other drinks according to their type.

To avoid bacterial contamination, you can put each food in a special container.

On the other hand, this method will make the refrigerator neater, making it easier for you to find groceries.

Those are the steps that you can apply when cleaning the refrigerator or refrigerator. Remember, don’t forget to wash your hands after doing this cleaning !

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