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How to Clean a Dirty Ceiling Fan

clean a ceiling fan

Many people need to know the best way to clean a dirty ceiling fan. Many of us delay cleaning it because it is difficult to reach the fan which is hanging very high.

If this ceiling fan is left not cleaned and continues to run, the fan will accumulate a lot of dust and become very dirty.

Maybe we often think when cleaning this ceiling fan, we have to disassemble the fan, then clean the fan parts one by one. Although this method can be done, but it is not effective.

There are several effective ways to clean this ceiling fan according to several sources. Here’s how.

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Cleaning the Dirty Ceiling Fan

1. Clean Using a Long Feather

First, you can use a duster with a long handle to clean your ceiling fan. You can easily find a feather duster with a long handle at home furnishing stores, in the market, or in department stores. It’s easy because you don’t need a ladder to reach the fan.

It’s a good idea to choose a feather duster that has a lock on the handle, so you can extend it as much as you need.

2. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to using a duster which of course requires more energy in cleaning thedirty ceiling fan, you can also use a vacuum cleaner as another alternative that makes the cleaning process easier for you.

Complete your vacuum cleaner with the brush connection. Attach the brush to the stem of the vacuum cleaner and make sure that you attach it correctly so that the brush connection does not occur during the cleaning process.

Use a chair to climb on if your vacuum cleaner is shorter so you can reach the fan.

First, start from one end of the fan blades and continue to the other blades until all parts of the blades are clean of dust adhering to it. Do this slowly so that the vacuum cleaner can suck up the maximum dust.

After you feel the fan is clean of dust, start vacuuming the floor and furniture around you to clean the dust that falls on the floor when you clean the fan.

3. Use a Pillowcase

Another alternative way is to use an old pillowcase. Maybe you will wonder how you can clean the fan using a pillowcase. This method is fairly easy, but you have to really reach the fan. Reaching the ceiling fan may be difficult so you have to use a bench or even a folding ladder to reach it.

What needs to be done is to wrap each fan blade using a pillowcase like you would wrap a pillow. Then you just wipe the fan blades slowly until the ends. Make sure all the dust collects in the pillowcase.

Do this for each of your ceiling fan blades. For stubborn dirt, you can use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to make it as clean as possible.

Now you just have to throw away the dust that has accumulated in your pillowcase and immediately wash the pillowcase by turning the inside out so that the washing process is maximized.

4. Using Hands to Clean Dust

There are times when you have to intervene directly to clean the fan if the fan blades have stubborn dirt. The method is easy, but you must really be able to reach the ceiling fan by using a folding ladder.

Use microfiber dust gloves to clean it. By using these gloves, you will find it easier to reach every part of the fan, even to corners that are difficult to reach by a duster/vacuum cleaner. You can replace this glove with a microfiber cloth because it is a bit difficult to find gloves like this.

You can use a little water or cleaning fluid when cleaning for maximum results.

Precautions to Take When Cleaning Dirty Ceiling Fan

Cleaning this fan is actually quite easy to do. But you also still have to be careful when cleaning to avoid unwanted things from happening.

1. Check the Electrical Connection

First, you have to make sure that the fan is off. Disconnect the power to make sure the fan doesn’t start accidentally.

2. Use Garbage Bags

In addition, to prevent the floor of the house from being cluttered by dust that falls during the cleaning process, you can place a large plastic trash can under the fan. Make sure this plastic trash is enough to cover every corner of the floor.

3. Use a Mask and Goggles

When cleaning, it’s a good idea to wear a mask. Dust that spreads into the air can be inhaled by you accidentally and this is not good for your health, especially if you are allergic to dust or have health problems in the respiratory tract. You can also use safety glasses to protect your eyes.

4. Call the Expert

If possible, it’s a good idea to assign someone who is an expert in cleaning your fan. Fan blades are usually thinner on the sides and that makes them sharper. If you’re not careful, you could hurt your hand.

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