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How to Cleaning the Glass Properly so It doesn’t Get Scratched


Cleaning the glass is something that looks normal to us. Some of us may not care about how to clean the glass so that eventually the glass can be scratched due to mistakes in cleaning.

There are at least 2 techniques used by professionals in cleaning glass, namely by using chemicals such as soap and also without using chemicals.

So how do you actually clean the glass? Why cleaning in this way removes scratches? What tools should be used?

How To Clean Glass Without Chemicals?

– Use a microfiber cloth to remove scratches on the glass

The first thing to do is to soften, remove and lift the remnants of scratches on the glass. Removing these scratches must be done properly because if not then these scratches will cause new scratches when we wipe the glass.

So, use a microfiber cloth to start cleaning. The first step is to wet a microfiber cloth with water and make sure you wring it out properly so the glass doesn’t get too wet.

Use a special glass microfiber cloth from mipacko. This microfiber cloth has the power to clean as it is specially designed to clean glass and glass.

– Use a Microfiber Wipe to Clean Dirty Glass

If your glass is dirty, use a microfiber cloth to clean it. Don’t stop cleaning until your glass is completely clean. The microfiber cloth is used to remove stubborn dirt and absorb water.

By using a microfiber cloth, you have used the easiest way out of every available method and you also don’t have to worry about your glass being scratched. In addition, by using a microfiber cloth, you will be free from the use of chemicals such as soap because the microfiber cloth only requires water to clean. This means that you are more efficient and healthier because you don’t have to spend money or get sick from chemicals.

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Standard Method – Cleaning Glass Using Chemicals (Soap)

The first step that needs to be done is to calculate the amount of chemical that will be used. Using too much chemical can make the glass more difficult to dry and will result in scratches. Spray a small amount of cleaning liquid on the glass so that it covers the entire surface of the glass.

Next, wipe the glass using a microfiber cloth on all parts of the glass with a top-down cleaning technique. To keep your microfiber cloth at its best, fold it into 4 sections so you can use 4 surfaces to clean.

To remove objects that are stuck to the glass such as labels or stickers, sometimes you need to use a special chemical plastic scraper. Use this chemical together with glass cleaner. Be careful in its use because these chemicals can damage your glass.

– Dry with a Microfiber Wipe

Once you have finished cleaning the glass, fold your microfiber cloth and use the dry part of the cloth to begin drying the glass. Dry in a top-down motion, and make sure you dry all the pieces without exception.

– Remove Remaining Scratches

Check your glass at all angles to make sure you haven’t left any scratches on the glass. If you see any scratches, fold the microfiber cloth over to get a clean, dry area (replace it with another microfiber cloth if you have used all of your microfiber cloth). Rub the area in a circular motion until the glass looks clean.

The two techniques above can be useful on bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, antique mirrors, and even vehicle mirrors.

Mipacko Microfiber

Mipacko Microfiber

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