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How to Clean Washing Machine Single Tube

How to Clean Washing Machine Single Tube

How to Clean Washing Machine – Every home certainly has electronic equipment in it, one of them is a washing machine. The washing machine consists of a 1-tube washing machine and a 2-tube washing machine. If you have a washing machine, don’t be lazy to clean your washing machine

However, these household appliances often come into contact with dirty clothes and soap, which means that there will always be residue from dirt or clothes if the washing machine is rarely cleaned.

Effects of a Dirty Washing Machine

A dirty washing machine certainly makes the process of washing clothes in this tool less effective because the dirt from previously cleaned clothes is still attached to the washing machine and can stick to the clothes being washed again. You need to immediately find out how to clean a 1 tub or 2 tub washing machine to avoid this. In addition to making clothes wash optimally, cleaning your washing machine at least once a week can make your washing machine last longer.

How to Clean Washing Machine Single Tube

If your washing machine is dirty, don’t be in a hurry to call a washing machine cleaning service. You can follow how to clean the following 1-tube washing machine which is apparently very simple and of course you can do it independently without asking other people for services. Here’s how to clean a single tub washing machine that you can follow.

  • Prepare Cleaning Tools and Materials

There are several tools and materials that you need to prepare to clean a single tube washing machine. Tools and materials that you must prepare in this regular cleaning of the washing machine include vinegar, baking soda, microfiber cloth, and an old toothbrush.

  • Fill Tube with Hot Water

Whether for a single-tube washing machine with a front or top opening model, the first step in cleaning it is to empty the tub and then fill it with hot water. Turn on the washing machine like a normal washing process, then drain the water in it.

  • Give Vinegar Solution

After the cleaning process with hot water is complete, it is time for you to use the special materials that you have prepared to clean the washing machine. Mix one liter of vinegar with the maximum amount of water that can go into the washing machine. Vinegar is highly recommended as a washing machine cleaner because it effectively removes soap residue and dirt in the washing machine drum without damaging the inside of the drum. Allow the washing machine to fill with the vinegar solution for about an hour, then you can start the washing machine as you would a regular wash. Discard the vinegar solution when you’re done.

  • Clean the Corners and Sides.

A common mistake in cleaning a single tub washing machine is when you only clean the tub area. You also need to clean every nook and cranny of the tube for optimal cleaning. Using an old toothbrush to clean the edges of the washing machine can make your job easier.

  • Wipe with Microfiber

After removing the vinegar solution and waiting for the inside of the drum to dry, the next way to clean the 1 tube washing machine is to wipe it using a microfiber cloth. In addition to the inside of the tub, make sure you also wipe the outside of the washing machine to keep it looking shiny. Using baking soda to give your washing machine a new look can be an option for you.

The way that the washing machine is not too dirty and does not need to be cleaned too often is to choose detergent wisely. Avoid using detergents that leave a lot of soap residue on the walls of the washer tub.

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