5 Steps to Properly Clean a Blender in 30 Seconds

clean a blender

How to Clean a Blender – In this modern era, many tools are created to facilitate human work, including in the kitchen. Well, one tool that makes it easier for humans is a blender that replaces the role of a mortar for smoothing food ingredients.

But every equipment, especially electronics, always has an ‘life’ and that lifespan gets shorter if we are not able to take good care of it, and in terms of taking care of the blender you can do a simple way by washing the blender properly after use and here are 5 steps to wash the blender properly and This method applies to various blender variants, be it a blender, meat, spice blender or juice blender.

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1. Use warm water after using the blender

warm water

The use of warm water to clean the blender jar is intended so that the remaining food debris can be lifted perfectly.

You don’t need to fill the contents of the jar with warm water, just soak it until the blade of the blender is covered with water.

2. Add enough dish soap to clean a blender

dish soap

After the tube is filled with warm water, you can pour a few drops of dish soap, this is intended so that stubborn stains can be lifted.

3. Turn on the blender and let it clean

After the water and soap have been mixed in the tube, you can shake the tube to remove the remaining food ingredients.

But for more optimal results, you can turn on the blender and let the blade work to shake the water and soap mixture, don’t worry, this method will not damage the electrical components in the dynamo blender.

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4. Discard the water in the blender and rinse with hot water

After the food residue attached to the tube wall is completely lifted, you can throw the water in the blender and rinse it with hot water so that the stain cleaning process is more perfect.

5. Wipe Blender and Store in a Safe Place

The final step in cleaning the blender is to wipe it gently so that there is no water remaining in the blender jar, this is intended to avoid mold growth.

And don’t forget to put the blender in a safe place because the blender jar is quite prone to breaking.

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