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How to Take Care of Jeans to Make Them Last Longer and Don’t Fade Quickly

How to Take Care of Your Jeans

Jeans are a type of pants that are popular at this time because they have a fabric structure that looks strong and trendy. Jeans that are often used will definitely get dirty and need to be cleaned, but if they are not cleaned properly, the jeans will be damaged quickly and the color will quickly fade.

Some people believe taking care of the jeans by not washing them for months or there are also those who think that putting them in the freezer will kill the bacteria on the jeans.

However, it is all just a belief and has not been proven true. So, here are some ways to properly care for jeans or denim to make them last longer and don’t fade quickly.

Wash Using Cold Water

Cold water can help keep the color of your jeans from fading. You have to pay attention to the water temperature when washing in a washing machine.

Actually, it would be better if your jeans were washed by hand. It doesn’t take much action when washing jeans. Just soak the dirty area for about 10 minutes then remove and dry.

Turn Jeans Inside Out

Generally, these types of jeans need to be washed after being used 10 times. At the time before the washing process, turn the inside of your jeans outward to prevent the jeans from fading too much.

Use mild soap

Laundry soap that is harsh or rather has a high compound content in lifting dirt will make your jeans fade faster. This is because in addition to lifting dirt, the soap also erodes the fibers of your favourite jeans.

Choose a milder laundry soap so that your jeans don’t fade and get damaged. You can try using laundry soap for baby or children’s clothes as an option.

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Dry Jeans Properly

Please note, drying jeans with a dryer is not recommended. Drying machines can make the material of your jeans stretchy and can also erode the color.

Dry your jeans by drying them in the sun only and let them dry naturally.

Iron Correctly

Jeans don’t really need to be ironed unless your jeans look very wrinkled. Excessive heat will make the color of the jeans fade quickly.

If you really want to iron it, you should first turn your jeans over and iron them on the inside outside. Iron as usual starting from the pockets, waist, legs evenly.

Don’t Fold Jeans

When storing jeans, store them by hanging on a hanger. Don’t fold your jeans, because it can cause white stripes on the jeans.

Read Label Instructions

You have to start getting used to reading the labels on clothes. The safest way to care for any garment, including jeans, is to follow the instructions on the label.

You can find this instruction label on the inside of the jeans, such as behind the waist or near the pocket.

On the label, you will find instructions on how to wash, water temperature, ironing instructions, and more.

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