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How to Wash Yoga Mats to Avoid Bacteria

how to wash yoga mats

How to Wash Yoga Mats – Yoga is a sport that requires a mat to perform every movement. The mat is used as a base so that the body does not hit the floor so that it feels more comfortable when exercising.

Of course the sweat produced in one yoga session is also a lot. This condition makes the mattress an easy place for bacteria to colonize. Bacteria from sweat and activities on the mat can be a source of bacterial growth.

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So, it is important to clean the mat regularly to avoid bacteria. To remove bacteria that stick to the mat, the use of disinfectant is also recommended.

There are two ways to clean a yoga mat.

Wash Yoga Mats With Regular cleaning (Daily cleaning)

You can do this activity every time you finish using your mat for exercise. You can use a mattress cleaner or make your own. Cleaning liquid can use a mixture of soap and water.

According to the Yoga Outlet page, use a soft material to wipe the mat so as not to damage the mat. You can also use warm water to wash off any remaining cleaner on the mat.

Be sure to clean both sides of the mat you use to exercise. Wait until the mattress is completely dry. Then you can roll up and re-store your mattress.

Wash Yoga Mats With Thoroughly Cleaning (Deep Cleaning)

If you have a regular schedule for exercising, then you can clean the mat in this way regularly once a month. Launching from Rei’s page, soak your mattress with a mixture of soap and warm water.

Make sure not to use too much soap. So as not to leave too much residue. Leave it for about 5 minutes. Then you can rub both parts of the mat gently.

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Don’t forget to make sure to use a scrubbing cloth that has a soft texture so it doesn’t damage the mat. Finally, rinse your mat with water until it’s clean. Then hang to dry in the sun.

The use of a washing machine is not recommended for washing yoga mats. Because some of the materials are not compatible with the washing machine. When the mattress has started to peel, it’s a good idea to immediately buy a new mattress.

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