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How to Wash Your Car Using Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth – Some people feel that cleaning a car is a tedious and sometimes underestimated job. Because they assume, cleaning the car only takes time, after all the car will be dirty again. But actually cleaning the car is so important to maintain the car.

In fact, to clean the car yourself there is no special technique needed. Because cleaning a car can be done by most people. However, if you clean your car the wrong time, it can cause damage to your car. Like a dull paint, a car engine that was attacked by water, or something worse. Well, here I will give a few tips on cleaning the car to make your car paint more shiny and still look like new.

A dirty car must be a disease of every car. A dirty car causes the cool shape of the car body to be covered by dust that covers the car. If you do a long trip with your car and through rough terrain, of course your car will be very dirty. It takes several ways to clean the car so that it becomes shiny and the components in the car remain safe.

Until now, there is often a misunderstanding in how to clean the car properly. For example, how to clean a car engine by spraying or steaming it is very risky for the car. If the washing steps are like that, then the car engine can short circuit or explode. The reader loses just because you clean the wrong car, so you have to repair a damaged car that will drain your money and time. Here Semisena will share with you the right way to clean a car. So that your car will stay durable and clean always. Let’s see together.

Car Cleaning Steps

Steps to clean the car properly there are 4 steps in it. Namely cleaning the car outside, inside, engine, and tires. If all of these systems can be done correctly, your car will be more confident to race on the streets. A car is an object made of several materials, namely plastic, rubber, and iron. One of the components with the most use of paint. As we know paint is a very sensitive chemical.

For the right way to clean the car, of course, it takes some special ways on each side of the car so that the cleaning is optimal. Mistakes in cleaning the car even a little can cause damage to the car or the washing is not what we expect. Let’s see Semisena gives a guide on how to clean the car properly:

  • Remove Dust

First, of course, first clean the dust attached to your car. Because if you clean your car immediately, it can be fatal. For example, when you clean a car and there is still dust attached, your car’s paint will be scratched. This results in fine scratches, and even worse, visible scratches.

  • Bringing Out the Inside

If you also clean the inside of the car as well, it would be better if you remove all the interior that is inside the car to avoid damage. In addition, try to clean the inside of the car first before cleaning the outside of the car.

  • Clean with Water First

Before cleaning with soap, first flush the car with clean water. You can use a high pressure hose.

  • Use a Special Shampoo

Sometimes this kind of thing is often forgotten by car owners. They use any soap or shampoo to clean their car. That resulted in scratches on their car. You should use a special shampoo to clean the car. Besides being able to protect car paint more durable, it also gives the impression of a car looking shiny.

  • Use a sponge or a soft cloth

I think using special materials such as sponges or t-shirts also has an impact when you clean the car. Because with this material, it will minimize the occurrence of scratches with sand or dust that may still be attached to the car.

  • Dry the Car Properly

When drying the car, a few people dry it in a hot place. Actually this kind of thing is not wrong, but it can cause the car paint to get moldy. Therefore, you should put the car in the shade for a while after you finish cleaning.

  • Use Polish

To further beautify your car’s paint, you can use polish to make your paint more shiny. Because of the polish, your car will look like new, even though your car is really old.

These are some of the car cleaning guidelines that I think are worth trying. All the steps discussed here, are not absolutely 100% correct, but have been done

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