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Keep Your House Clean With These Easy Habits

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House Clean – Having a clean and tidy home is everyone’s desire. In order to always be clean, we must always clean it every day and make it a habit, so that the task of cleaning the house will be carried out consistently.

There are several activities that must be carried out regularly to make the house always clean, here are examples:

Tips for Keeping the House Clean

1. Always Clean the Bed

Get in the habit of always making your bed after you wake up or after you do activities on the mattress. In addition, you also have to regularly change sheets and pillowcases at least once every two weeks. By having a bed that is always clean and tidy, it will make the room feel comfortable to live in.

2. Sweeping and Mopping

At least once a day you should make it a habit to sweep and mop the house. This is so that dust and germs can be removed from the floor of your house.

3. Washing the Dishes After Eating

To keep your house clean, washing dirty dishes after eating is a must. Dirty dishes can be a breeding ground for disease because germs will nest there. In addition, dirty dishes can also cause an unpleasant smell if there is still food left in there.

4. Cleaning the Kitchen After Use

After the cooking process, the kitchen will be dirty. This dirt can be in the form of spilled oil, water, remnants of kitchen spices that fall to the floor, and food scraps. Clean the kitchen immediately after cooking to prevent germs from growing and prevent insects such as cockroaches.

5. Washing Clothes Every Day To Keep Your House Clean

Dirty clothes must be washed immediately so that there are not many germs lodged in the pile of dirty clothes. The habit of piling dirty clothes is not good for your family’s health and to keep house clean.

6. Dispose of trash in its place

Scattered garbage will make us uncomfortable. In addition to disturbing the view, the garbage can cause disease. Get used to family members to throw garbage in its place. Then immediately dispose of the garbage that has been piled up in the trash to the TPU so that the house is always clean.

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7. Take off your shoes when inside the house

This habit may have been done by some Indonesians. It is very important to take off your shoes or sandals when entering the house. The reason is, we don’t know what we step on outside the house, so don’t let dirt and germs from these shoes get into the house.

8. Clean the house before bed

Before going to bed, it’s a good idea to always look around the house first. You may find dropped towels or dirty laundry that hasn’t been cleaned. Try to always tidy up these things before going to bed.

9. Sweeping and Cleaning the Garden

In addition to the room inside the house, the area outside the house should be cleaned as often as possible. The front or back garden of the house needs to be cleaned of fallen leaves or garbage that has flown there. Having a clean garden will make the view more fresh.

10. Clean Your Cleaning Tools

The cleaning tools that have been used are identical to the dirt stuck there. Always clean cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, rags and others after use. In addition, you also have to replace it if it’s felt that the cleaning tool has been used for a long time.

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