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Make Your Smartphone Screen durable with 6 Easy Ways

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Smartphone Screen – There are many media that you can use to clean gadgets, from rags to towels. Gadgets such as smart phones now seem to be transforming from communication tools into necessities. As we can see, most of the people are seen holding smartphones either for work or just exist on social media. However, it seems useless if the device used is very sophisticated without being accompanied by regular maintenance.

Smartphone screens that in fact use touchscreens should not be neglected. So that the screen is durable and not easily damaged, let’s look at the tips below.

– Using Special Liquid Smartphone Screen

Actually using water is considered enough to clean your smartphone screen. But of course, you have to be careful using it, because the excess amount of water will actually damage the screen or seep into the inside of the phone. If it’s not optimal, you can buy a special screen cleaning liquid that is usually sold at electronic device stores. The prices vary, but even the cheapest ones already provide a brush and cleaning cloth.

– Cleaning the Smartphone Screen with a Microfiber Wipe

Different from most wipes, Microfiber wipes have many advantages, including for cleaning the phone screen. This cloth made of fine fiber has a high absorption capacity. So that the dirt on the surface of the cellphone screen is not just pushed. Even this cloth has been used to clean the windshield. The use of a cloth with fine fibers will not leave marks like if you use a tissue or other media with less dense fibers.

– Cleaning the Screen with Eucalyptus Oil

In addition to using a special liquid screen, you can also use eucalyptus oil to get rid of dirt. Especially if your cellphone screen is dirty due to oil, then eucalyptus can be relied on to clean it. One or two drops of eucalyptus oil on a cloth can make the phone screen look like new. Eucalyptus oil can also be used to make it easier for you to open a damaged laptop charger case. Practical, right?

– Using a Paint Brush to Clean Holes

One of the bad habits that smartphone users still practice is cleaning holes by blowing. Even though this method is not recommended, because the dirt in the hole will actually be pushed into the hole and saliva will also enter the hole. In fact, you can clean it using a paint brush. You can choose a brush with a small size, then clean the holes for the earphones and speakers slowly.

– Disguise Scratches on the Smartphone Screen with Toothpaste

The poop problem may be easy to fix. However, what about scratches or strokes that are sometimes difficult to remove? You don’t have to bother going to the service center, because toothpaste can disguise the scratch. The only way is to apply toothpaste to the entire surface of the screen, then clean it with a cloth made of microfiber. Leave it on for a few moments before rinsing it off using screen cleaning liquid so that the results are even more shiny.

– Don’t forget to also clean the earphones regularly

Earphones are one of the smartphone accessories that sometimes go unnoticed. In fact, this accessory can be a breeding ground for germs given the frequent contact with the ear. You need to remember that wax in the ear can stick to the head of the earphone. Therefore, it is important for you to clean these accessories using a wet cloth or toothbrush. So that the outside and inside of the earphones are equally clean from dirt.

The six points above are just a few ways to keep your phone screen and other accessories clean and durable. In addition to the right way, you also have to choose the right media so that the gadget does not get damaged. As already mentioned, fine fibrous cloths and special liquids must be included in the list of gadget cleaning tools. Avoid large media such as clothes towels or rags to clean dishes which can make the gadget look even more dirty.

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