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Microfiber Cloth For Car, The Best Wipes That Vehicle Owners Must Know

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Microfiber Cloth For Car– As a vehicle lover, of course, you don’t want the body of your car or motorbike to be scratched, right. Incorrect car care can damage the car body due to unwanted scratches.

Now for you vehicle owners and lovers, you should know that now there is such a thing as Microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloth is one type of fabric/yarn that is still rarely known by the public. This microfiber is usually used as the main material in the manufacture of towels, rags, and various other types of equipment.

This microfiber cloth is very soft because this microfiber yarn has a fineness size of less than 1 denier per filament.

The term microfiber refers to the technology for developing fine fibers with a diameter of only 0.006 mm, which is 10 times finer than silk, 30 times that of cotton, 40 times that of wool, and 100 times that of human hair.

Mipacko Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Mipacko Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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What Are the Advantages of Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth?

Microfiber wipes have many advantages over other types available. The advantages of microfiber cloths include:

  • Microfiber cloth is so smooth that it won’t leave scratches on the surface.
  • The microfiber cloth is hypoallergenic, causing no problems with allergy or asthma sufferers.
  • The microfiber cloth is super absorbent, absorbing 7 times the weight of the water it absorbs.
  • Microfiber cloth dries 1/3 faster than regular cleaning cloth.
  • Eco-friendly microfiber cloth, does not require any soap or chemicals.
  • Microfiber cloth can be used hundreds of times. (More than 200 times)
  • The microfiber cloth is non-abrasive and non-abrasive.
  • Microfiber cloths and mops, used with water only, are 99.94% effective at removing bacteria from smooth surfaces, when compared to ordinary cloths and mops using Lysol or bleach, which are only 91.89% effective.
  • Microfiber cloths are 4 times more effective than regular cleaning cloths. More luxurious and last longer than other cleaning products because the microfiber cloth contains 200,000 more fibers per square inch.
  • Microfiber products do not negatively affect the luster of the surface being cleaned.

Buying a cloth with the best quality is certainly important so that privately owned vehicles are always clean without scratches or abrasions in addition to a clean house too.

A sparkling clean vehicle reflects the vehicle owner’s love for the vehicle.

Let’s buy a microfiber cloth for your car.

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Mipacko Microfiber

Mipacko Microfiber

Mipacko is the first specialist microfiber manufacturer in Indonesia that produces high quality microfiber products for various daily hygiene needs.

We create user friendly and ergonomic products that deliver perfect results entirely chemical free.

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