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Microfiber vs Cotton Towel

microfiber vs cotton

Microfiber vs Cotton – Most people probably spend time thinking about what type of cleaning fluid to use instead of thinking about what kind of cloth is good for cleaning. How important is the cloth we use to clean floors, tables and mirrors/glasses?

From an ecological perspective Microfiber is more environmentally friendly than cotton or disposable fabrics (non-woven fabrics). From a sanitary point of view, Microfiber is more effective. From the point of view of convenience and effectiveness, Microfiber excels again. Why is that true?

microfiber vs cotton

How can Microfiber be More Environmentally Friendly Than Cotton?

  1. Microfiber is strong longer than cotton/cotton which also saves you money because you can use it for years (5 years is still good) and Microfiber is still as effective as the day you buy it. Disposable cleaning cloths (non-woven) will accumulate in landfills and take a long time to decompose.
  2. Microfiber requires less water than cotton for washing. When cleaning the microfiber we use a non-foaming cleaning soap. Rinse clean with the first rinse. This saves water.
  3. Microfiber dries 3x faster than cotton. Have you ever put cotton bath towels in the dryer? The dryers run for 60 minutes and when you check they are still wet. If you put the Microfiber bath towels in the dryer it will take only 20 minutes to dry. Of course, this cleaning and drying process is done in a washing machine with the same size cotton and microfiber towels. This means showing the amount of energy used in the washing and drying process, Microfiber requires less electrical energy.

How can microfiber clean and sanitize more effectively than cotton/cotton? Microfiber means microscopic sized fiber. The fibers are thinner than human hair. If cotton is like a fishing net with a big hole. If you clean with a cotton cloth, sand, dust or microscopic germs escape through the large holes. However, if cleaning with a Microfiber Wipe sand, dust, microscopic germs and allergens will be caught in the microscopic fibers.

How else Can Microfiber be Used?

Microfiber towels come in a variety of knit/woven types, sizes and colors. There are also different sizes of microfiber mops depending on the amount of surface area you are cleaning. Here are some other great things about microfiber as opposed to cotton. The glass cleaning microfiber towel won’t streak or leave lint behind when it’s been used on mirrors or glass.

All types of Microfiber towels can be used to clean vehicles and will not scratch any surface. Waffle-type microfiber is highly absorbent and works well for car drying. Microfiber Hair Turban can absorb water from your hair allowing hair to dry faster. Reduces drying time and does not use electricity such as drying hair using a hair dryer. The hair wrap is light and will not fall off because it is attached to the button. Microfiber Bathrobe and Microfiber Washcloth are softer than cotton/Cotton. Hospitals and hotels have migrated to use Microfiber.

mipacko microfiber hair turban
Picture of Mipacko Microfiber

Mipacko Microfiber

Mipacko is the first specialist microfiber manufacturer in Indonesia that produces high quality microfiber products for various daily hygiene needs.

We create user friendly and ergonomic products that deliver perfect results entirely chemical free.

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