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Teach Kids to Help with Homework with These 10 Simple Tasks

Homework for Kids

Kids Homework – Teaching a child to clean the house can be done since he was a toddler. This is important so that children do not rely entirely on their parents and household assistants. The hope is that when the child grows up, they becomes independent.

Not only that, helping with housework can hone some of his skills and intelligence. Children’s motor movements are trained, as well as concentration, cooperation, mathematics, to verbal-language, and much more.

But, how to teach children to help with homework step by step?

Carol Paul, author of The Ultimate Family Clean Up The House Formula, quoted from parenting.com, advises, “Be patient with them, and provide two or three short, simple step instructions.”

Furthermore, Paul provides several house cleaning activities that you can teach children. Of course, by setting standards that are appropriate for his age.

1. Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner

Children aged 2-3 years can do this activity. Paul asked the child to be willing to try to suck up everything he could. He also chose a lightweight vacuum to make it easier for children to do their activities.

2. Mop the floor

Give the child a cloth and a spray bottle filled with water. Children can use it by sweeping a damp cloth on any floor surface. It would be better, if the floor has been cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, so the process of mopping the floor is easier and faster.

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3. Dispose of garbage and replace the plastic

This activity is easy for children to do. Before he goes out to take out the trash, prepare a replacement plastic bag that he can put in the trash. If the garbage load is too heavy, you can replace the task by sorting the waste by type and placing it in the container you provide. It introduces children to how to sort waste properly from an early age.

4. Clean the bathroom

Generally, children like to play with water. To clean the bathroom, give him a small bottle filled with water or water spray. You should not carelessly give him cleaning fluid, because he is worried about the chemicals if it comes into contact with his skin which may still be sensitive.

To clean with cleaning fluid, let it be your job. The child only sprays water first. Show them how to spray water on floors, sinks, mirrors, and other areas and then brush them off. If your child is more than one person, the division of tasks can be done.

5. Wipe the dining table

Provide the child with a small bucket filled with water and a cloth when doing a homework. This activity is light, but at the same time it can train the motor muscles.

6. Help wash clothes

Washing clothes is actually a simple task. However, because there are usually a lot of them, it’s like a big job. You can involve your child in doing this activity by asking him to sort dirty colored clothes from white ones, then take them to the laundry room. You can also show them how to operate the washer and dryer. Of course, you have to be accompanied by your parents.

7. Clean the dust with a duster

Children like to use tools when do a homework, such as a duster or a duster, to clean shelves, windows, and mirrors.

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8. Do Homework to Refill supplies

Refill supplies that have run out, such as toilet paper, soap dispensers, water in flower vases.

9. Clean up any missed places or parts of the house

For example, doorknobs, light switches, or vacuuming under the sofa.

10. Fold your own clothes

Folding laundry is a great job for children. Even though the results of their folds are not perfect, at least he has practiced since he was young, so he will get used to it when he grows up.

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