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The Correct Way to Wash a Hat Easily

Wash a Hat

How to wash a hat – Hats have become a reliable accessory for everyday. Apart from being used to protect your head from direct sunlight, hats can also make your style go up one level to make it more trendy !

Even though it’s a favourite, don’t forget to wash your hat regularly. Hats are susceptible to dust, sweat and other dirt that can cause disease, you know. It’s not difficult, you can wash a hat at home with simple equipment. See full tips below.

1. Pay Attention to The Washing Instruction Label

Before actually getting into how to wash a hat properly, you must first check the washing instruction label which is usually on the inside of the hat.

With this label, you will later know how to wash an easy hat or how to wash a moldy hat.

Then, can the hats be washed by machine or manually by hand? Then how do you dry or dry it.

Because every hat manufacturer will include the label as a guide in caring for the hat. However, if you don’t find or have one, you can wash the hat using a common method, which will be explained in this article.

2. Prepare Dirty Hat, Protect the Screen Printing with Plastic

If your hat has a printed and not embroidered image, it’s a good idea to cover the screen printing with a piece of plastic first.

It is feared that later the screen printing will fade with the stain washing liquid on the hat.

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3. Prepare Detergent and Cold Water in a Bucket To Wash a Hat

After you have covered the screen printing logo, you can proceed directly to this stage. In washing a hat, either how to wash a Converse hat or how to wash a new era hat.

The first steps taken remain the same. Namely preparing a washing place to wash and soak the hat.

That is usually a cold water that is placed into a bucket. Remember cold water, huh? Do not use hot or warm water because this water will only damage the screen printing on the hat.

Apart from that, you also have to prepare detergent or stain remover. Try to use detergent without bleach, and don’t use stain remover that is too harsh. Because it was feared that later it would only damage the fabric fibers in the hat.

Just pour the detergent into a bucket filled with enough water. Make foam from the detergent.

4. Enter the Partial Washing Stage

The point of partial washing here is to clean only the surface of the hat that has stains.

You can do a method of washing hats by hand, namely by applying a stain remover such as vanish on a hat. Or you can also put the cleaner in a spray bottle.

Then spray on the area that you want to clean. After the stain is known by the stain remover, all you have to do is gently rub it using the stain.

Try a little at a time until the stain on the hat is completely removed.

5. Thorough Washing Stage

If earlier we only washed a thin layer, now we will enter the thorough washing stage. Which means washing the front of the hat, the back of the hat, and most importantly the white areas that are exposed to sweat.

You can use the spray massively or you can go back to using the stain remover by hand. Don’t forget the inside of the hat, which is usually easily soiled with stains from the hair.

6. Put Hat in The Soapy Water

After cleaning, it’s time to soak the hat in the detergent bucket earlier. Its function is that any dirt that has been rubbed can be removed and clean as before.

Especially those whose screen printing is protected with plastic, still do it carefully. If it’s a bother or an obstacle, it’s better not to just soak it. With a note that the small stain has been lifted and the hat has been perfumed so that it smells like that.

7. After Wash a Hat, Dry it with Microfiber Cloth

After soaking for 5 minutes, it’s time to enter the rinsing process, then clean and dry at the same time. There are two ways to do this, namely:

First, use a dry microfiber towel. You can use a small microfiber towel to dry off by gently wiping, wiping, and absorbing the water on the hat.

Also prepare the cloth to fill the hat when it is about to be dried in the sun, so that the shape of the hat does not change according to the inside diameter of the hat.

Second, use a toothbrush. This is specifically for the printed caps, because they are not soaked, they can be cleaned dry using an old toothbrush. Funds only rub on the tarnished part only.

After everything is done, all you have to do is dry the hat in the shade without being exposed to direct sunlight. So just let it cool down.

Important :

  • Do not wash a hat in the washing machine without instructions.
  • Do not sunbathe in a hot and sunny place.
  • Do not dry with a hot hair dryer.
  • Don’t wash the hat without the contents, try to fill the inside of the hat even with a cloth.

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