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Tips for Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar You Should Know!

Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar

Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar – Guitar is the most popular musical instrument in various circles. Apart from being easy to learn, playing the guitar will make the player look cooler in the eyes of the opposite sex. The affordable price of the guitar makes the guitar available to everyone from all walks of life regardless of their social status.

As the owner of a guitar, especially an acoustic guitar, we must keep the guitar clean so that it is always durable so that it can be used for a long time. Well, here are some tips on cleaning the guitar that you need to know.

Cleaning the Guitar Fretboard

The first step in cleaning an acoustic guitar is to clean the fretboard on the guitar. A dirty fretboard can affect the sound quality of your guitar, so the fretboard is an important part of the guitar besides the strings. With a clean fretboard, you will get a good guitar sound and make you comfortable using it.

Cleaning the guitar fretboard is quite easy, you only need a soft cloth that does not have lint and guitar cleaning fluid or can be replaced with eucalyptus oil. It is not recommended to use a microfiber cloth to clean this area because the fibers from the microfiber cloth can accidentally get caught on the fretboard.

Cleaning the Guitar Body

Don’t forget to clean your guitar body so that your guitar always looks smooth and shiny. On the guitar body, there are many oil stains from the hands and also dust. Cleaning the guitar body actually will not affect the sound quality, but with a clean guitar body will make us comfortable in using it and confident when played in front of other people.

The method is very easy, you only need a microfiber cloth and water, but you can add cleaning fluid if needed. All you have to do is moisten your microfiber cloth to make it feel moist and then rub every part of your guitar body until it’s clean.

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Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar Tuning Keys

Tuning keys are the part of the guitar that functions to tune the sound of the guitar. Using the tuning keys, you can tune the sound of your guitar to match the sound you want. To clean the tuning keys is also very easy, you only need a slightly wet microfiber cloth. Clean the tuning keys handle until clean and free of stains.

Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar Bridge

The guitar bridge is indeed a little more troublesome to clean, but if you want your favorite guitar to be as clean as possible, of course this part should not be missed.

You can clean your guitar bridge with a cotton bud that has been moistened with water or a special cleaning fluid. For dirt between the bridges, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub it so that the dirt can be removed. Wet the toothbrush with a little water to make the brush softer so it doesn’t scratch the bridge.

Cleaning an Acoustic Guitar Strings

The guitar strings are the most important part of the guitar that you should clean regularly. Guitar strings are always in direct contact with our fingers and cause a lot of dirt, oil or sweat to stick. By cleaning the guitar strings, you will be more comfortable playing them.

Cleaning an acoustic guitar strings should not use any cleaning fluid. You have to use a special cleaner for guitar strings so they don’t cause damage later. Spray the special cleaning liquid on the guitar strings, then wipe the cloth and rub gently. It’s better to use a cloth that doesn’t have a lot of fiber, because the fibers can stick to the strings of your guitar.

If you use your guitar often, it’s a good idea to cleaning an acoustic guitar strings at least once a week. This is done to make the guitar strings always clean so that they are strong and durable.

So, those are some tips for cleaning every part of your acoustic guitar. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your guitar and various musical instruments for a perfect clean. You can get a microfiber cloth at the Mipacko online store at a relatively affordable price.

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