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Cleaning Home – Many people are not familiar with the fun and effective techniques for cleaning the house in order to produce the maximum level of cleanliness. In fact, in this day and age technology from various fields continues to be developed for the benefit of society itself. One of them is that until now the innovation and creativity development program from environmental health has created many works to be utilized by mankind.

Microfiber for example, a cutting-edge technology that can help all your environmental problems from dirt, dust, and so on. The following will present some tips on cleaning the house effectively and fun, hopefully it will be useful:

Cleaning Home With a Duster Made of Microfiber

It’s really fun if you try to clean your surroundings with this one duster. Because this duster is designed deliberately made from microfiber, of course it is not just an ordinary duster. Because the technology of every existing feather is able to attract dust to the maximum, this is actually very pleasant for you when you want to open up your surroundings such as the living room, living room, or family room, which are usually near electronic items that are often filled with dust.

If we look at the side effects of dust, of course, it will greatly affect the level of durability of the electronics that you use. With this microfiber duster, it certainly helps you to minimize the dust that enters the most important components of these electronic items. It’s really fun when you try to clean it with this one duster, which is soft and thin, but great for pulling out the dust that clings to every one of your items.

Use The Multipurpose Microfiber Cloth to Clean Your Table

This multipurpose microfiber cloth has the same advantage, namely high technology that is able to attract various kinds of dust that sticks to your items. However, for this one microfiber cloth if you use it to clean your home environment, such as the kitchen, work room, family room, and several other rooms.

The advantage is that it is ready for wet or dry conditions. Thus, the sense of comfort that you will feel when cleaning, for example the kitchen table, dining table, and so on will feel lighter and will not make it difficult for you to clean it.

You can use this versatile microfiber cloth to clean a greasy table, a gas stove environment that is full of oil, greasy walls as a result of your cooking activities. Then clean the desk in your office, clean with a damp cloth for the furniture in each of your rooms, and so on.

You need to prove it yourself and try it yourself when you want to clean something then the tool it uses is made of microfiber, very easy to use, but maximum in results.

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Clean Your Floor With Dry and Wet Types of Microfiber

Then the next tips for those of you who feel monotonous when doing activities to clean the floor of your house. Then try using a dry and wet mop of the microfiber type, what’s the difference? Of course, these two things are produced for those of you who want to first clean the floor from strong dirt, then use a wet mop made of microfiber, then for easy maintenance instead of having to use a broom that allows dust to fly, it is better to use a dry mop of the microfiber type. .

These two types are very different when you use them to clean your home environment. It is much easier and lighter when applied, because the technology is not only made from fine materials, but the absorption of dirt is very strong and can accommodate dirt to the maximum.

If you want to know the technological know-how, this microfiber has a fineness of under 1 denier count per filament. The superfine development is only 0.006 millimeters in diameter which means it is 10 times finer than silk, then 30 times that of cotton thread, 40 times that of wool thread, and 100 times that of human hair.

Thus the interesting review above regarding tips for cleaning the house effectively and fun using a microfiber technology cloth, hopefully it will be useful for you and your family.

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