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Wash Your Motorbike Properly With This Easy Tips

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We often use motorbikes to travel. But did you know that motorbike are more prone to dirt?

Motorbike have a slim body so some of the important areas are often seen. This is different from a car where the important parts are inside the hood so that it is more awake.

Important components of this motorbike are susceptible to dirt, so as motorbike owners we have to clean them regularly. In addition to keeping the motor looking clean, it’s also important to keep these important components well-maintained so that they are more durable.

Washing a motorbike is not a difficult thing but requires accuracy because if it is not washed properly then there will be parts that are not clean. Well, here are some tips for washing a motorbike that you need to know.

Motorbike Washing Equipment

Before we get to the washing stage, we need to know what are the tools needed to wash a motorbike.

There are not many motorbike washing equipment, and they are easy to find in repair shops, convenience stores, or online stores. Some of the motor washing equipment as follows:

– Hose

In washing the motorbike, of course we need a water hose to rinse the motor body with water evenly.

– Bucket

The bucket serves as a container for water storage. Although we can wash with water directly from the water hose and not use a bucket, but it can be a waste of water.

– Microfiber Cloth

Did you know that microfiber cloths are very effective for washing motorbikes? The microfiber cloth can absorb water perfectly, besides that the microfiber cloth is very soft so that the motor body will be protected from scratches.

– Motorbike Washing Soap

It’s not complete when you wash your motorbike with just water. Use enough motor washing soap so that the motor can be cleaned optimally.

– Sponge

Another thing that can be used is a sponge. Sponges are useful for wiping the motor body to get rid of stubborn dirt.

– Chain Brush

You will need a chain brush to clean your motorbike chain. Brush the chain so that it is free of dirt that can interfere with the rotating chain.

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Tips for Cleaning a Motorbike Well

Here are some tips for washing your motorbike…

– Cool the motor first before washing

Before washing, cool your engine first. The motor engine in hot conditions will damage the engine due to a sudden change in temperature. Don’t let your motorbike engine be damaged just because you wash your motorbike.

– Clean the Chain First

Before entering the motor body, clean your motorbike chain first. This can prevent dirt from the chain from spreading to all parts of the motor. Clean the chain with a special motorbike chain cleaner so that it is always well maintained.

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Quoted from The Drive page, here’s how to clean your motorbike chain:

  • Lift the motorbike, so the wheels can be turned.
  • While turning the wheel, spray the chain with kerosene or a special cleaner.
  • Use a brush to scrub the chain and wheels until the dirt is gone.
  • Clean the dirt with a rag.
  • Repeat this step 2-4 times until you are sure of the level of cleanliness.
  • Dry the chain.
  • Apply a high quality lubricant.

– Clean the Hardest Areas First

You need to first clean hard-to-reach areas such as crevices around the engine. You can use an old toothbrush and soap. Care must be taken so that water does not enter the brakes and pads, because that can cause corrosion or other problems.

– Wash Motorbike Body

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Well now we start to enter the motor body stage. The first step is to wash it by spraying clean water through a hose. This is done to soften and loosen the dirt so it can be cleaned more easily. Do not use water pressure that is too high because it can damage the paint layer of your motorbike body.

– Start Cleaning Motorbike Body

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Here we need water in a bucket, a sponge and soap. Wet the sponge with soapy water until it is wet and then wipe the sponge all over your motorbike body evenly.

– Rinse Motorbike Back

At this stage you have to rinse your motorbike again using clean water from the water hose. Make sure to rinse all parts of the motor body that were cleaned with soap earlier so as not to leave soap marks on the motor body.

– Dry the motorbike

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After you finish washing the motorbike, dry it immediately using a microfiber cloth. Gently wipe the motor body to remove any remaining water. Microfiber rags are excellent at absorbing water so this process won’t take long.

How? Easy isn’t it? You don’t need to go to a motorbike washing service to wash your motorbike. You can also do it yourself at home.

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