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When is the right time to change your towels and how do you wash them?


Changing bath towels is important to maintain the health of our bodies. Changing these towels must be done regularly because towels that are used for too long can cause various skin diseases.

In addition to routinely replacing them, there are also some proper ways to clean them so that the germs that are lodged in the bath towels can be eradicated.

When is the Right Time to Change Towels?

Although it looks trivial, changing towels regularly is very important to do. Because without realizing it, towels can be a place for germs to develop and a medium for transmitting various types of skin diseases.

Well, the time to change this towel varies depending on the use of the towel itself. Frequent use of course must be frequent in washing and replacing it.

Bath towels are towels that everyone must use. Use your own bath towels at least once a day depending on how much you shower in one day.

For bath towels that are used alone, it is better to change them every 3 days or 2 times a week. Every time it is used, bath towels must be dried in the sun to dry completely.

Also, you should avoid sharing bath towels with other family members. This is because bath towels have a high risk of transmitting germs.

  • Sport Towels
  • Unlike bath towels, towels used for sports must be changed every time you use them. Because this type of towel is used to wipe sweat and there are so many germs and bacteria that will nest in the towel.

    The change of towels every time they are used also applies to towels used for sick people, guest towels, or towels that have fallen to the floor.

    How to Wash Towels Correctly

    Germs are not creatures that can be seen with the naked eye. Towels that look clean are not necessarily germ-free. Therefore we must wash towels as clean as possible with the following tips:

    It is important for us to maintain our own health by regularly cleaning and changing personal equipment that is often used.

    Change the towels you use as soon as possible if they are visibly dirty and smelly.

    Those are some tips on changing and washing towels.

    Use a towel that is comfortable and soft to your body such as a microfiber towel. Microfiber cloth is very soft and comfortable on the skin, besides that it can absorb water optimally.

    What is a microfiber?

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