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Why Microfiber Eco-Friendly?

Why Microfiber ?- Environmental protection has become one of the biggest problems of modern society. Although very complex, our understanding of environmental and climate mechanisms has improved. Therefore we realize that unless it is to experience a disaster caused by ourselves. We can no longer maintain our way of life which was adopted in most of the developed countries during the 20th century.

For most household cleaning jobs, microfibers make it possible to remove product, dirt and grime adhering to them.

Individual attitude, adopting a more environmentally friendly attitude, has become a problem for the next generation, and also a responsibility towards understanding natural ecosystems. Currently Green Tech has been available in various fields, such as the car industry or in construction, with the aim of exploiting what was once more polluting with healthier or more environmentally friendly ones.

In addition to seeking cleaning production methods for the technology, sometimes the changes they bring about have a strong environmental impact. For example, a green car can consist of components that are biodegradable or recyclable, so that production reduces pollution and at the same time, has an engine that consumes less fuel.

Intensive production of cotton, mostly used for mops, can pose a threat to the environment, due to the use of excessive air and mixed chemicals to kill germs. Therefore we participate in the production of environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

Microfiber has created a small innovation in the world, apart from labor and environmental friendliness. Textile microfiber designed for exceptionally efficient cleaning. That allows errors on a microscopic scale. So, according to tests, using microfiber materials to clean various surfaces can reduce the number of bacteria by up to 99% whereas conventional cleaning agents reduce this number by only 33%.

In addition, microfiber cleaning tools have the ability to absorb grease and are electrostatic. They have the power of not attracting dust strongly, thus rendering other cleaners useless.

Why Microfiber Cloths Are So Effective?

Microfiber penetrates the surface deeper so it can remove more dirt and grease and can sweep an area 40 times larger than ordinary cloth.

The friction of the fibers with dirt creates static electricity, such as magnets, polyester and nylon which have a positive power attracting dust, dirt, fungi even to a lesser extent such as bacteria on the negative side so there is little or no need for chemicals and this makes the environment safe.

microfiber vs cotton comparison
  • Comparison of human hair and microfiber fiber

Microfiber is the terminology used to describe very fine fibers and the name for this fiber development technology. Fabrics made of extra fine yarn produce a very soft touch, in the form of towels, mops and many other applications such as bath robes, baby towels, etc.

There are many definitions of microfiber but most say in general terms as a yarn having a fineness measure of less than 1 denier per filament. The term microfiber refers to the technology for developing fine fibers with a diameter of only 0.006 mm, which is 10 times finer than silk, 30 times that of cotton, 40 times that of wool, and 100 times that of human hair.

  • Comparison of Microfiber and other textile fibers

Capillary Power – It is created from millions of uneven fibers created during the splitting process which makes the product highly absorbent (seven times the weight of the fabric itself).

When used in wet conditions, the very fine fibers create capillary forces, making them absorbent and holding liquid or dirty dust particles from the surface into the fibers of the fabric. Although the product size may be the same size, the actual surface area of ​​the microfiber is larger.

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  • Microfiber Fiber

Because microfiber is so soft, the surface of the product is increased and the area for depositing dirt and grease through the capillary action is greater than in traditional products.

With the capillary effect, the suction of dirt / liquid from the surface will be held in the fiber and only a few times the particles are released again to the surface of the fabric, it only takes a few seconds to carry out evaporation.

The slit shape of the microfiber allows it to attract and absorb dirt and micro-particles, allowing the cloth to clean and shine at the same time, reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents.

Therefore, only water is needed as a detergent to clean various surfaces. All of these advantages make microfiber products last longer, outweighing the cost difference with cotton and mop cloths.

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