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9 Easy and Cheap Light Exercise at Home

Light Exercise

Light Exercise – Exercise is something that everyone should do to keep the body in good shape.

You don’t need to exercise heavily, just light exercise as long as it’s done properly and with the right portion.

One of the benefits of exercise is that it can keep blood pressure stable or keep the body fit and strong.

Light exercise can be done at home because it is quite easy and cheap.

What are the tips for light exercise at home? Can you maintain your health by exercising?

Light Exercise Tips at home

Here are the types of light exercise that can be done at home and are suitable for anyone:

1. Walking

Cheap exercise doesn’t have to be done outside the home. A walk can be done in the corridor or yard. Or you can try going up and down the stairs at home.

2. Jogging

Jogging doesn’t have to be done in the park. But you can do jogging at home and while watching TV or by listening to music.

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3. Sit ups

The next light exercise tips at home are with sit ups. This is one sport that is highly recommended. The sit up movement is useful for strengthening the abdominal muscles. This method is very effective for tightening your sagging abdominal muscles.

4. Push ups

For push ups, even though the movement is very simple, the variations of push ups are actually very diverse. You can see the video on Youtube. Push ups are one of the exercises that you can do at home without the help of tools.

5. Leg lift

Leg lifts can also be done at home. This movement is certainly useful for strengthening the muscles of the legs. You can also combine leg lifts with other movements, such as push ups or sit ups.

6. Squats

Squats are useful for strengthening the legs and back. You can practice squats by standing and sitting on a chair. Do the movement repeatedly.

7. Lift weights

Lifting weights also doesn’t have to be done in the gym using dumbbells and barbells. But you can use simple equipment that can be found around the house, such as a bucket filled with water or the rest of an unused bottle with water or sand.

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8. Climb up and down the stairs

If there are stairs in your house, then you can use them to exercise up the stairs. Although the movements are very simple, the benefits of this exercise are extraordinary. If you do this movement optimally, going up and down the stairs is useful for strengthening the muscles and bones of the legs.

9. Jumping jack

If you don’t know the jumping jack movement, then try to see it on Youtube. Besides being easy and practical, jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise for warming up.

Those are some types of light exercise that you can do at home. It will be even more fun if you do it together with other family members to keep the whole family healthy.

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