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5 Helpful Tips to Clean Vinyl Floors

5 Tips to Clean Vinyl Floors

Clean Vinyl Floors – Innovations in the field of design gave rise to vinyl material as a substitute for ceramic floors. Vinyl flooring is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The outer layer of this material is a UV coated wear layer which makes the floor surface look smooth and shiny.

The application of vinyl flooring makes it easier for residential owners to bring the feel of wood to the room so that there is no need to use real wood material which is more difficult in terms of installation and maintenance.

The basic content of vinyl flooring makes it water resistant, but still requires special care to maintain durability. Vinyl floors can also be damaged quickly if cleaned in a rough and wrong way.

Therefore, to keep it clean, stain free, durable, and always look like new, you should first know how to clean vinyl floors properly and safely.

Because vinyl is a fairly sensitive material, the process of cleaning and maintaining it must be done properly and safely.

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You can practice the following 5 tips for cleaning vinyl floors if you use vinyl floors in your home.

1.      Sweep the Floors Regularly

Sweep the Floor

Dust and dirt particles that are difficult to see if left unchecked will accumulate and settle. This makes the floor surface look dull and can cause scratches.

Sweeping regularly will make the vinyl floor cleaner. In addition, sweeping also minimizes scratching the floor surface due to friction between dirt particles and the floor surface.

2. Clean Vinyl Floors Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to a broom, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. Set the vacuum to “beater bar” mode so that the vacuum cleaner can work optimally to suck dust and dirt on the floor surface to corners that cannot be reached by a regular broom.

3. Mop the Floor and Dry

Mop the floor

After the sweeping or vacuuming process is complete, then proceed to the process of mopping the floor. The process is almost the same as mopping a regular tile floor using water mixed with a floor cleaner.

The difference is for the vinyl floor the cleaning solution used is a special vinyl material. When mopping, don’t spill a lot of water on the floor because it will make the vinyl floor damp and easily damaged.

Also, do not rub the surface too hard to prevent damage to the vinyl floor.

After mopping is complete, immediately dry the floor with a dry cloth and apply a special concentrate of vinyl to polish the floor surface.

4. Use Vinegar Solution and Baking Soda


As an alternative, a mixture of water and vinegar or baking soda powder can be used as a special vinyl cleaning mixture that is effective in removing dull colors on floors and lifting stubborn stains.

Avoid vinyl material from direct sunlight because it can fade the vinyl’s color.

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5. Give the carpet


You can provide a base on the part that is often passed by floor carpets which are now available in various motifs and sizes. This is to avoid the floor being scratched due to the many activities that occur on the floor surface and to keep the floor color from fading.

These five tips for cleaning vinyl floors can be easily practiced to keep the vinyl floors clean in your home. The tips provided are certainly not spending a lot of time and money. You can do it yourself in your spare time or whenever you want. Good luck.

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