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How to Clean a Mousepad Easily

how to clean a mousepad

Clean a Mousepad – The mousepad is an object that many computer users use, but may never realize that it is there.

Although it looks simple, the mousepad is very important so that we can move the mouse properly. the reason is, if the mousepad is dirty, the movement of the mouse will also be hampered.

When you realize that your mousepad is dirty enough, this affects the movement of the mouse which becomes disturbed and sometimes feels sluggish, and when the mouse is moved quickly, the movement is not what we want.

This shows that clean a mousepad should also be a top priority for computer users.

How to Clean a Mousepad From Steel or Hard Plastic

The cloth mousepad has established itself especially with casual and competitive gamers.

Are you using a mousepad made of hard plastic or even steel? In this case, you are in the minority in the gaming community but lucky.

Hard surface mouse pads have a great advantage in terms of cleaning procedures. All you need is warm water and a microfiber cloth, and you should usually be able to handle any dirt on your mousepad without a problem.

After that, you can rub it dry with a piece of cloth, and you’re done.

If your mousepad is very dirty, you can also use alcohol (benzine or similar).

This mouse pad can also be disinfected with a disinfectant spray if you want it to be germ-free.

To protect the surface from scratches, you can also spray the hard plastic mouse pad with silicone spray (small droplets, properly distributed, will suffice).

How to Clean a Mousepad From Cloth

If you belong to a large group of cloth mousepad users, it gets a little more complicated. However, it’s usually more than worth the effort.

Unfortunately, fabrics are more susceptible to dirt particles, and as such, you’ll usually have to deal with more stubborn stains quickly.

Therefore I recommend the following 5 step procedure:

  1. Fill a sink, tub, bowl, or similar with warm water and add a little hand soap or dishwashing liquid. Don’t be too aggressive because we don’t want to damage the mousepad material.
  2. Then you let your mousepad slightly submerged in it.
  3. Now, you take the sponge and rub the mousepad. If your mousepad prints, don’t rub too hard otherwise the print may be damaged.
  4. After you have carefully scrubbed the entire mousepad, rinse the mousepad repeatedly under running water to remove any soap residue.
  5. Then dry the mousepad with a clean cloth and let it dry for at least 24 hours. It is very important to make sure that the mousepad is completely dry before you use it again.

Why Should I Clean a Mousepad?

In general, surface dirt can negatively affect mouse sensor position detection. Dirt can also reduce sliding ability. The bacterial load on the surface after use is similar to that of a keyboard or mouse.

Therefore, you should plan regular cleaning as the technology is detrimental, but on the other hand it may also be your health.

Perhaps this surprising piece of information will help: A study showed that a table has 400 times more bacteria on its surface than a toilet seat. (source)

There are similar findings for the keyboard and mouse used on them. This research shows that mouse pads have as high a concentration of bacteria as keyboards, so you should probably clean your mouse pad at least as often as your toilet.

Can I Put a Mousepad in the Washing Machine?

Usually, you can also wash cloth mouse pads in the washing machine. However, the manufacturer’s washing instructions must be followed to achieve the best results and avoid damage.

Apart from that, it would be better if you consider a few things.

First things first, please use the cold wash program.

As already explained, many mouse pads are not heat resistant, and if you machine wash your mouse pad at 60°C, this will most likely be the first and only one.

Otherwise, you can use regular detergent. If you have several in your home, you can place the mouse pad in a separate net or laundry bag to further protect it during the washing process.

After washing, the mousepad should be air dried for at least 24 hours.

Hopefully, you didn’t ask yourself if you could just put a mousepad in the dryer…hot!!!…so NO!!!

Most manufacturers don’t recommend washing mouse pads in the washing machine, and therefore I would recommend the hand method.

Better safe than sorry.

At least the Glorious company, which distributed my mousepad, the Glorious 3XL, wrote on their homepage that you can wash the Glorious mouse pad in the washing machine without any problems, as long as you follow the instructions mentioned above. I’m happy with the mousepad as I need a little more room for full rotation as a low-sensed gamer. Here you can get more details about the mousepad on Amazon

How to Clean a Mousepad with RGB

The RGB mousepad with lights is nice to look at, but electronics and water aren’t the best combination, so we have to be careful when cleaning it to keep things glowing and flashing afterwards.

We have to start by unplugging the mousepad because electricity and water are the mothers of all bad ideas. ️

Unfortunately, we can’t submerge the RGB mousepad in water, so this time we dipped a cloth or sponge in warm water with hand or dishwasher soap and scrubbed the mousepad carefully.

Squeeze the cloth or sponge well to prevent uncontrolled water from flowing over the mouse pad.

However, you should be careful not to get any moisture near the electronics, especially in areas where cables exit the mousepad. So you have to be very careful.

When you’ve cleaned everything so far, take your cloth or sponge and wash it well so that no soap remains on it. Then you can wipe the mousepad with it and wash off the soap that is still on the mousepad little by little. In between, you can wash the cloth or sponge and wring it out.

Repeat this process until there is no soap left on the mousepad. Then let the mousepad dry for a few hours.

Of course this cleaning is not so thorough, we have to sacrifice because of the electronics, but the drying stage does not take as long as with the more thorough cleaning methods.

Should I Use Bleach on a White Mousepad?

Bleach can damage the surface of the mousepad. If the surface is damaged, the mouse movement will be disturbed, and the mouse sensor may pick up incorrect position information. Therefore, the use of bleach is not recommended in any case.

How Often Should I Clean a Mousepad?

In general, where the mousepad is used determines how often cleaning should be done. Scientific studies recommend daily cleaning in hospitals, for example. In private household use, quarterly cleaning is sufficient. However, in case of acute contamination by food or drink, immediate cleaning is required.

Surprisingly, mouse pads (such as keyboards and mice) usually have a higher number of bacteria on their surfaces than toilet seats. For our immune system, the number of bacteria is usually not a threat. However, people with weaker immune systems should clean the mousepad more often.

How to Clean a Mousepad with a Wrist Rest

Typically, the Wrist Rest consists of a cloth-covered silicone pad. Manual cleaning works the same way as with a mousepad without Wrist Rest.

Final Thoughts

You can clean your mousepad depending on the material, location and personal understanding of cleanliness. However, any mousepad can be cleaned, and you will notice a significant improvement in its gliding properties.

Apart from technical reasons, you should also think about your health. A dirty mousepad is disgusting and has a negative impact on your performance as a gamer. Cleaning is quick, and the fabric mouse pad drying process can be done overnight.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a second mousepad in your drawer if it does break in an accident.

Also, it will only look even better.

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